Pinot Noir 2022

Dry, bold for a Pinot. Soft tannins. Smooth. — 6 months ago

Camba Bavaria

Perlenzauber German Pale Ale

Perlenzauber pale ale. Classic beer good looks. Pocky white foamer, and red gold amber. Chunky, graphic, bubble-letter, rounded slick lacing, with deep space negative image culmination. Lemon zest dinner roll nose with grapefruit skin and tangerine pith. Pineapple foam. Sweet, potato bread and sweet potato elements converge into one of the tastiest beers imaginable. Lacks the over-sweet elements of halcyon tastes, but retains the echoes of its thrills. Just yummy beer and begging for pretzels. — a year ago

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California Teroldego 2018

Fruity, slightly sweet. Drys out in finish. — 3 years ago


California Albariño 2022

Strong citrus notes, fruity after opening. Nice. — 9 months ago


California Colombard 2017

Crisp, semi sweet, very tart. — 2 years ago


Barsotti Cabernet Franc 2019

VG CF with pepper, pencil lead, classic notes even though new world — 3 years ago

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Halcyon Wines

Halcyon Days Gris-Noir

Full, fruit bodied, cloudy, but balanced by the nice gris freshness and acidity. Tannic on the finish 👌🏽 — 4 years ago

Halcyon Wines

Halcyon Days Kōtare 2022

Natty, hazy co-ferment. Sauv Blanc with Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

I’m into it, the staff is less convinced. 10%(!) abv.
— a year ago

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Chenin Blanc 2020

Crisp, slightly tart and fruity. — 2 years ago