Henye Peszgő Méthode Traditionnelle Brut Tokaji Furmint Harslevelu 2015

🍾 This Hungarian 🇭🇺 sparkling wine is a gem, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious.  👏👏👏 We’ve had it once before and had to return to Thomas Liquors to pick up more. 💕💕

📝 It is comprised of 70% Furmint and 30% Hárslevelu, two widely-planted indigenous varieties in Hungary, and was made using the traditional method, i.e., the same method used in Champagne, which notably involves a second fermentation in the bottle followed by twelve months aging “sur lie,” riddling, and disgorgement.  🤓

It comes from the Henye vineyard in the Tokaj region of Hungary, near the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. 🏔

Tokaji wines are best known for being lusciously sweet and presented in 50CL bottles, but here is an excellent example of dry, brut sparking Tokaji wine that has vibrant acidity and ripe orchard fruit notes, such as desiccated, yellow apple, pear, and apricot; also citrus blossom and lavender notes along with a rich creaminess and toasty, brioche, yeasty elements, evidence of the sur-lie aging. 👍👍👍

We’ve delightfully paired this wine with homemade Maryland-style crab cakes 🦀 over a bed of arugula salad tossed with champagne vinaigrette.

Királyudvar, Tokaji Pezsgő Henye Brut. Vintage 2015. ABV 13%.
— 13 days ago

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Love these odd finds.


@Ericsson Ditto and indeed this was a great find! Cheers 🥂



Jász Laci

Nagy Somloi Hárslevelu 2017

The last bottle of my orange wine kick is from Hungary - my family’s homeland. Amber-orange color, volcanic soil, fermented in natural yeasts, 120 days of skin contact. Dry, subtle acidity. I swear I smell Hungarian paprika in the glass! Fairly light at 11% abv. — 7 months ago


Hárslevelu 2019

Outstanding wine. Unfined unfiltered Hungarian white. What fun! — 2 months ago

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Bott Frigyes

Garam Mente Mužsla Hárslevelu 2019

Fresh, almost like an austrian Sauvignon Blanc, just without the cat pee:-) — 4 months ago

Benedek Pince

Öregtőkék Hárslevelű 2019

Like a dry Alsatian Pinot blanc with some honey on the back end. Hungarian. Thick mouthfeel. Good. — 6 months ago

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Winzerin Birgit Wiederstein

Anna Blume Hárslevelu

Ardmore FW&GS! Very tasty new austrian white for us. Late oct weekend — 7 months ago

Pincészet Lenkey

Flow Furmint Blend 2017

Hello Hungary. Think Huet Chenin Blanc minus a few tics of complexity- but not that much. Thick mouthfeel, white blossoms & peaches on nose, more on palate with a lovely spine of acidity. Furmint has arrived. Damn. Oh and about 20$. — 3 months ago

Owen Mazon
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Foam Vulkán Hárslevelu Juhfark Blend 2019

Delicious pet-nat with pear, apple, savory flavors and fun drinking. This is the third bottle, so it’s good. — 4 months ago

Lenkey Pincészet

Birtok Tokaji Hárslevelu 2017

Excited to drink this little gem tonight! — 6 months ago


Tokaji Furmint És Harslevelu 2018

Jakab - Tokaji Furmint És Harslevelu 2018

The first nose is made of ripe pear, then beeswax, white flowers and a buttery thing in the background. Quite inviting and complex. The palate is well designed with a strong acid drive and a very tight front. There is a bit of pear and lemon all around. It becomes very wide out of a sudden to form a sphere in mid palate, with almost a tannic touch on the sides. Pear all along and a very long fruity finish, with that almost tannic touch and a tiny bit of bitterness in the end. That buttery thing which could be felt on the nose is present all along too, and more specifically in the end. Wow this is unexpected. This is high level!
— 8 months ago

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