Greenock Creek


Grenache Blend 2010

Always yummy 2010 Greenock Shiraz
Silky tannins deep purple nearly ink with all the berries
Great flavours, long finish and excellent balance
— 3 years ago

Two Hands

Coach House Block Seppeltsfield Road Greenock Shiraz 2006

Pretty damn good, got better and better — 4 years ago

Greenock Creek

Roennfeldt Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

If you can find this wine you should definitely give it a try. It needs at least 10 years to really open up. Preferably longer. — 5 years ago

Greenock Creek

Alices Late Harvested Shiraz 2006

High alcohol(17%) but you don't notice it.
Very smooth. Tannins are soft. Loads of dark fruit.
— 5 years ago


Greenock Single Vineyard Shiraz 2014

Really great Shiraz, punches well above its weight, ticks all the boxes and more. Short review; too busy enjoying it. — 3 years ago

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Little Wine #7 Syrah

Bill's in town, so why not kill a Sami-Odi??? He opened the Greenock Creek 02 Seven Acre, so why not this one? This wine has an intoxicating nose like the Sami-Odi Hoffman 0.534 Syrah consumed a few months before. This is definitely a "little wine" to this HD Syrah. Displaying just as much lusciousness in the nose. One person said "I don't know what this is, but I can smell this in the glass for the rest of the night and I would be satisfied." Mission accomplished! The entry is dark, black fruit and a ton of it. Dark, black, condense, full bodied, although the finish seems to be a bit shorter than the Hoffman Dallwitz. Multi-vintage wine of 2012, 15, 16, 17 Syrah. Delicious. Still has 10 years left. — 4 years ago

Dan FitzgeraldShay ATrent Fletcher
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Shay A

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The nose on these wines is nothing short of a symphony. I’ve had a nose like this only once before, and it was from the other current release Sami-Odi. Incredibly insane potpourri, violets, crushed blackberries, and graphite...yet it remained so light! Palate was not near as dense as you’d expect. Beautiful purple color. A liqueur like finish that struts between cocoa dusted fig and dark fruit. @Fraser McKinley , you are a genius and I’m eternally grateful to @Roman Sukley for introducing me to these wines.
Fraser McKinley

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Great to hear Mark!
Roman Sukley

Roman Sukley

Sami-Odi is easily the best new wine discovery for me in the last 5 years. @Fraser McKinley is absolutely killing it and well deserves all the accolades. I’m just happy to hear that more people are enjoying his work.

Twelftree Wines

Grenache Vinegrove Greenock 2013

Super classic — 3 years ago

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Greenock Creek

Casey's Block Shiraz 2016

Big wine, generous, voluptuous and extremely well made
Long lingering flavour in the aftertaste
— 3 years ago

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Zeitgeist Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017

What a great prelude to the Greenock. A precursor wine showing the quality of fruit that the Kalleske clan has at their disposal to play with. — 5 years ago

St Hallett

Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Shiraz

Tasted head to head with the Barossa floor SV (Greenock) sourced fruit.
The Eden Valley won hands down.
Cooler climate-ish, higher elevations of almost 450 metres.
— 5 years ago

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