Grande Champagne, Font Borne

A. Hardy

Noces D'Or Grande Champagne Cognac

Highly complex. The nose is rich and fruity with notes of toffee, plum, prune, raisin, and cigar box. On the palette, gingerbread, plum, raisin, violet, and cigar box. — 9 months ago


"Pale & Dry" Cognac Grande Champagne

The scent opens with rich honey, very dense, and then gives way to stewed apples and pears with just a little oak vanilla on the back end. The palette is all of that with an addition of dried flowers and black tea. The oak is nicely balanced here, not overpowering but enough to give backbone to the fruity and floral flavors. Black tea and violet finish. — 2 years ago

Rémy Martin

Louis XIII Time Collection

Lic estu mfs omar y saul — 6 months ago

Cognac Frapin

Domaine Château de Fontpinot Grande Tres Vieille Reserve Champagne Cognac XO Ugni Blanc

Chocolate ganache nose sows lime zest and cedar, vanilla panna cotta, lemon tart, hazelnut, absinthe film, and orange rind across a semi-hot surface that resembles an exotic, forgotten cocktail; tea biscuit, lavender and creme caramel. An olfactory feast that endlessly inspires. Soft and warm palate with herbaceous thyme, chive, cilantro, basil afloat on vanilla-caramel, lemongrass, tea tree oil, bay, lemon zest, lime pith, and candied lemon. Cappuccino and bakers chocolate, spun sugar, dark brown sugar, apple blossom honey, treacle, baklava, pine nut, pecan, and coffee cookie. Most interesting is the layers of cascading flavors maintain their original impact while generously allowing the next to shine seamlessly. I have had this many times sans analysis, without fully appreciating its impeccable composition. A triumph! .
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— 10 months ago

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Rémy Martin

Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac Ugni Blanc

Amazingly smooth and the after bite is fire. I am very impressed well worth the buy!!! — 2 years ago

Pierre Ferrand

Ambré Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac

Plum, sultana, cedar, vanilla. Reminder to myself fo drink more cognac! — 7 months ago

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Cognac Frapin

Grande Champagne 1er Cru de Cognac

A great introduction to the world of Cognac. Very velvety and smooth on the palate. Slight bitter orange flavor. — a year ago


Cognac VSOP Fine Champagne Ugni Blanc

Petite & Grande Champagne Ugni. — a year ago

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Grande Champagne Family Résereve Cognac

Tonight’s nightcap 🥃

Notes of honey, figs, and molasses on the nose; brings to mind a nice serving of bananas foster still aflame on the dinner table. On the palate smooth, balanced, and very expressive. This is a great Cognac without being a complete wallet buster.
— 2 years ago

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