Golden Royal Scoter

Château d'Antugnac

Terres Amoureuses Haute Vallée Chardonnay 2013

Vintage 2013 / Wednesday Meatballsday (2) / today a house favorite Meatballs with chicory stewed in beer - a Flemish recipe / so often it is advised to open a relative simple red wine with meatballs, but why not white? This Limoux from 85% chardonnay and 15% mauzac does the trick. It has a few bottle years which gives it a golden reflection. Smell with a smoky touch, impressions of tropical fruit like ananas and a royal buttery taste. — 3 years ago

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The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Essencia Furmint Blend 2007

Quite an experience. Nose actually feels lighter than I'd expected, zippy, floral,citrus. Once in the mouth it's brilliant and hilarious, tastes and feels like
drinking the worlds best golden syrup. Thickest, richest wine I have ever tasted. 560 grams residual sugar means it is more than 50% sugar.
— 7 years ago

The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Betsek 6 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú Furmint Blend 2007

Golden color, yellow pear, apricot, honey, 2007 single vineyard Betsek — 9 years ago

The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Tokaji Furmint 2010

Mark Pagliaro

Rare white varietal from the Tokaji Region in Hungry. Golden yellow honey color, Apple and honey aromas with a good dose of acid and melon fruits on the pallet. Paired with grilled tuna today - delicious! — 6 years ago

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Alpha Box & Dice

Golden Mullet of Fury Sémillon Arneis Viognier 2013

WHOA Hello Kooky Village, I think Friuli is missing a wine producer. For some weird reason I don't see this one in Royal Adelaide Wine Show alternative group, they just would not get it. Great job @Justin Lane I think this could be your best one to date #sawine #notamphorabutgood — 7 years ago

Justin Lane
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Justin Lane

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Thanks Micha! Glad you like it. It's definitely the most abstract release of GMF. I love the "sherry meets Jura" aromas and flavours in the 2013 vintage. Rancio Relaxo!!

The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Aszú Essencia Tokaji Furmint Blend 1995

Dried golden figs, raisins, spiced and layered for days. So balanced! So delicious! — 7 years ago

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The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

5 Puttonyos Furmint Blend 2005

The colour of golden saffron suspended in lightly heated cane-sugar water; a nose of candied blood-orange rind, apricot blossoms, dehydrated sweet white onions, German asparagus sautéed in unsalted butter, and sweaty dandelions; a gloriously ambivalent palette - it shuttles back and forth between a frantically ebullient acidity and a warming fur coat of alcohol and sweetness, with just a hint of sea salt at the very end. An amazing wine. Like drinking in large and perfectly sculpted waves crashing over craggy and desolate cliffs, whilst watching an enduring and fathomless sunset. — 7 years ago

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Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle Riesling 2011

2014/2/9 @Royal China Club Shanghai with Sir Huang by me, Golden Capsule — 9 years ago

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