Gaetano D'aquino

Gaetano D'Aquino

Veneto Merlot

Buen vino croata. En general huelen mucho a alcohol pero al beberlo son frescos, con cuerpo y secos — a year ago


Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone Classico Superiore Corvina Blend 2007

Located near Verona in the province of Veneto in northeast Italy. Bertani was founded in 1857 by brothers Gaetano and Giovan Battista Bertani. Deep intense Ruby with aromas of big jammy red berry fruit with sweet spices. On the palate cherry and blackberry, almost jammy with notes of cinnamon and licorice. Fine ripe tannins, well balanced on lingering finish ending with dried earthy spice notes. Wonderful. — 5 years ago

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Az Agr. Tenuta Santa Maria Di Gaetano

Lepiga Soave Garganega 2019

Surprisingly delightful! Well balanced and smooth. — 10 months ago


Gaetano Goustoulidi White Blend 2009

Rest. Cocina Hermanos Torres. Maridatge Vins. 105,00.
— 2 years ago


Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2013

The story goes a little like this: In a recent blind tasting among esteemed individuals of Montalcino, Abatreti shocked everyone by coming out on top, beating the lights of Stella and Soldera. While I'm a little dubious of the story, the truth may not be too far from it.

Tasted blind, my first reaction was - Golly! It's quite mineral isn't it. Didn't go straight to Sangiovese, but eventually ended up there, and in Brunello. Tannins were quite rustic. Perfectly ripe red fruits, dried florals, and you can certainly hear whispers of the land. It's pure and elegant, but I wouldn't say Stella-elegant. Stella's more light and this flexes a little more power. With more air, you see more herbal and spice elements, and a touch of savoury goodness (mushroomy). Length is impressive. It's intriguing and I would like to taste more from this producer, especially with a little more age.

Really happy to be introduced to this producer by C. I'm not much of a Brunello drinker, but apparently Albatreti's quite under the radar, even within the region. After some quick Googling, it seems to be quite the darling for K&L and Garagiste. From K&L: "Gaetano Salvioni... [is a] self proclaimed “Hobbyist”. He makes 5300 bottles of Brunello, that’s not cases that’s bottles. He ages the wine for 12 months in barrels not bigger than 5HL then 2 years inbotte, that’s a really big barrel. His vineyards are about 30 years old and just southwest of the town of Montalcino in a rocky outcrop in some of the highest elevations in Montalcino".
— 4 years ago

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Manny Abascal

Manny Abascal

Great review Will track this one down

Gaetano Righi

Notturno Scuro Lambrusco

Lambrusco di Modena DOC — 10 months ago

Gaetano Righi

Lambrusco Grasparossa

Fave from Cesar’s in Paris — 3 years ago


Estate Grown Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

David T

Fresh, ripe nose of; huckleberries, boysenberries, dark cherries, black raspberries, raspberries, black plum, plum, mocha/milk chocolate, caramel, baking spices, sweet rich clay soils, very light presence of herbs and fresh red flowers with violets. The body is full, rich and nicely resolved with round M+ tannins. The fruits are big and ripe; huckleberries, boysenberries, dark cherries, black raspberries, raspberries, black plum, plum with strawberries dancing in the background. Caramel, mocha/milk chocolate, chocolate pudding, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, hints of clove, sweet rich clay soils, darker spices, crumbled volcanic minerals, touch of dry herbs, suede/velvety leather, mouthwatering, fresh round acidity and a long, rich, elegant, smooth as silk, balanced finish that lasts over a minute. Photos of; the the tasting room/bar, the fresh vegetable honor stand in front of the winery, picnic area and the view onto the valley floor from their terrace. Producer notes and history...born near the Italian-Swiss border, Gaetano Regusci journeyed to the Napa Valley in 1891 working at a dairy along today's Silverado Trail. In 1932, Gaetano cashed in his entire life insurance policy and purchased a foreclosed property across the road, known today as Regusci Ranch. For the next 30 years, Gaetano lived off the land, farming; corn, hay, walnuts, plums and grapes. He ranched cattle, ran a dairy and opened a retail market. They survived prohibition and the great depression. Gaetano held onto the Ranch, passing along the historic Stags Leap District property to his son Angelo in the 1960s. Regusci long before making wine were excellent farmers...a nice resume for growing grapes. Through five generations, they were commited to agriculture. Gaetano Regusci purchased a 289-acre estate in the Stags Leap District; which included one of the preeminent wineries of its time, the Grigsby-Occidental Winery established in 1878. At that time, the wine industry was not what it is today. Aside, from growing and making homemade wine and selling grapes. When Gaetano's son Angelo took over the family Ranch in the 1960s, he began planting Bordeaux varieties on the estate. His decision would prove to be visionary within a few decades. As the wine industry flourished so did their vineyards. They planted a 160 acres of grapes that reside on the estate today. Angelo's (Angelo's Vineyard, is perhaps their best bottling) son Jim became a farmer as well, taking over Ranch duties in the 1990's. Having farmed for many of Napa Valley's most notable vineyards, Jim decided to establish Regusci in 1996. Their first crush amounted to 1,900 cases. Today, they produce 6,500 total cases spilt under several different wines designations. It's a fun place to visit and taste. Behind the tasting bar, they have a two foot piece of the cable that was used to make the Golden Gate Bridge. Ask them to see it. However, it's as heavy as a large dumbbell. When you make an appointment, see about reserving one of their picnic tables after the tasting. If you get a table purchase your lunch before you get to the winery as they do not sell prepared food. However, during the growing season, they have a honor system cart for the fruits and vegetables they still grow as shown in the photos. It's a must stop along the Silverado Trail...a beautiful setting with amazing vistas. — 5 years ago

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Kim Stanbro

Kim Stanbro

Our first wine club! This place holds a very special place in our hearts. Love love Regusci- I'm jealous you got to visit.