Yamatogawa Sake Brewery

Yauemon Shu Awa Sparkling Sake


Kicking off Philip’s birthday. Yummy. First drink of 2021 — 5 months ago

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Xuan maturity Junmai Ginjo 2013

Nice digestif. Dry. Sweet. Plum notes. — a year ago

Suehiro Sake Brewery Co. Ltd

Ichigo Sake 2019

NV Strawberry sake. Did not know it exists. It is very tasteful. / at restaurant O&O Sint Willibrord — 2 years ago

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Roman Junmai Ginjo Usunigori Gohyakumangoku Sake

Roman Hanaizumi Junmai ginjo usunigori gohyakumangoku. Sweet & sticky — 2 years ago

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Denshou Junmai Sake

Nice forward green fruit, light minerals - clean finish, no burn. In KL it was about $13 for half bottle — 7 months ago

Okunomatsu Sake Brewery

Tokubetsu Junmai

Fruity, pineapple, rich, creamy — a year ago

Huchu Homare

Aladdin Bottle Fukushima no Sake Yuzushu

Like Limoncello and sake had a baby, light and citrus — 2 years ago

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Homare Sake Brewrey Co.

Tatsumigura Junmaiginjo Refined Sake

Labeled as Junmai Ginjo, but label indicates polished rate of rice at 50%. This is more in line with a  Junmai Daiginjo. Either way, this is best served chillled, but not cold. It can be served slightly warm, but the delicate fruity flavor will be degraded.  — 10 months ago

Yumegokoro Sake Brewery

Junmai Muroka Sake

Final day at Akane....😭💦😭💦 — a year ago

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Ichiro Kawachi

Ichiro Kawachi

Oh so sad. Are they closing because of corona?


No, no. They planed closure before. They will start new restaurants to support children in community “子ども食堂”. I’d like to support their new work😊✨ It is good memory we enjoyed dinner with you at Akane✨

Miyaizumi Meijyo Co

Sharaku Junmaiginjo Sake

Best sake I had in Tokyo. Medium body rich in pea and honeydew flavor, strawberry mineral, and should be drinking end of meal instead of beginning — 2 years ago