Equipo Navazos

Equipo Navazos

La Bota de Manzanilla No 71 Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Palomino Fino 2017

N: Old boats, apples, Sea salt, iodine, shellac, caramel, burnt sugar, toffee.
P: Sea, citrus, crisp apples, brandied fruit peels, banana, , oh my, you could go on.
— 7 days ago

Sarah B
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Equipo Navazos

Navazos-Niepoort Vino Blanco 2018

From Jerez and the Sherry grape palomino fino; straw yellow heavy on the swirl with a bunch of rod-like filamentous residue that sinks to the bortom of the glass; marsipan, ripe tangerines and boquets of wildflowers dominate the nose; taste is austere, low-medium acids, and clearly sherry-like, the structure reminds me of a north Rhône viognier. Well made and fresh and excellent with Beemster! — 22 days ago

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Equipo Navazos

La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada Bota Punta No. 60 Sherry

Seashore and shells on the nose, salt. some caramel. On the palate, wide dispersion of nuts, iodine, very dry. Mouth filling, sensory engulfing. With air and time, chocolate and citrus come out.
A delicious Pasada.
— 5 months ago

Equipo Navazos

La Bota de Fino No. 68 Sherry 2016

N: Still like visiting an old boat graveyard. As we move further from the saca date, June/‘16, the nose is more muted. Almost meaty, With those great notes of flor wafting through. Caramel, but less flashy, nuts, almonds, hazelnuts.
P:Still broad, saline and buttery, brown butter at times, oranges, spicy notes, dry brown sugar. Amazing acidity.
On a 90° day al fresco in Philly, very refreshing. I still marvel.
(One more left, I sense it’s day is due.)
— 20 days ago

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Grassini Family Vineyards

Equipo Red Blend 2013

Was afraid this may have been an impulse purchase after several tastings but was very happy to find that it was delicious. Easy to drink. — a month ago

Equipo Navazos

La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada "Bota Punta" No. 80 Sherry

Acetone, toffee, dank earth, orange rind,
That indefinable barrel stank,
The palates almost honeyed, like dried honeycomb in a desert, yellow apples,
Sharp overtones. Mouth filling.
— 5 months ago

Equipo Navazos

La Bota de Fino 91 Macharnudo Alto Palomino Fino

🍇Equipo Navazos, one of the leading stars in the rebirth of handcraft Sherry. The bota de Fino 91 is stunning with a concentration that is rarely seen in the fino category. Aged for an average 10 years gives it a sensation that the flor has started to fade quite a bit as the wine is almost starting to flirt with an amontillado in its characters. Serve it at 10 degrees and let it rise to 12-14 degrees while you enjoy this piece of art.

👃Pronounced intense, dense and very complex aromas, remarkably aromatic and round edged for being classified as a fino. Bruised apples, orange zest, sourdough, green olives, and Brazil nuts with a salty, iodine and seaweed character on the lead guitar.
Bone dry palate with pronounced flavour intensity. The salty mineral backbone brings freshness and tension through the dense mid palate through a long expansive and chalky finish.
— a month ago

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Equipo Navazos

Nº 51 La Bota de Palo Cortado "Bota GF" Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Palomino Fino

Oh My!
Between 50-80 yr old wines in there.
N: Shoe Polish, Oranges, Caramel Wood, a myriad of things...
P:Oranges, deep caramel,Bright acidity, unctuous and light at the same time, drying, A beautiful wine to behold and ponder.
— 2 months ago

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Equipo Navazos

La Bota La Bota de Palo Cortado 10 años después #62 Palomino

What a nose- intense caramel, almonds, fig, spice with the gorgeous cut of sherry oxidation. Really complex and delicious and long. A treat. — 6 months ago

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