Domaine Viret

Domaine Viret

Saint-Maurice-sur-Eygues Emergence Red Rhone Blend 2010

De laatste fles op de Murillostraat! We hebben hem ooit van Evan gekregen denken we…. Wat een kruiden 🌿 — 4 days ago

Domaine Viret

Renaissance Terre de Cosmoculture Red Rhone Blend 2016

Bucket list wine. Domaine Philippe Viret and his beyond biodynamic wine has it going on. On first taste fruity pebbles (delicious) but opens up to a funky mushroom and bright raspberry with kumquat and a bit of spice. Unique lovely and drinkable. — 9 months ago

Ginny Lewinski
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Domaine Viret

Cuvée L Saint-Maurice Syrah 2000

Тонкая редукция, вяленый тон, сухие ирисы, сливовая шкурка, мятая ежевика, сухая черника, кожа, специи, белый перец. Полное тело с только начинающими смягчаться все ещё подтянутыми танинами. Развито, но не дрябло, с неплохой стройной структурой, натурально. Не суперглубоко, но с фактурой, без дичи и пошлости, в отличной форме. — 5 years ago

Vladimir Evseevie
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Domaine Viret

Cuvée Sylibre Syrah 2018

Darker, simpler than the Emergence. — 2 years ago

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Philippe Viret

6 Le Temps Dolia de Syrah 2014

Medium to full bodied with smooth and easy tannins, nice developed and jammy fruit. Changes a bit as it decants. Nothing worth paying a lot for, and nothing with an especially unique flavor profile, but solid and clearly well-produced. 90 points. — 6 years ago

Philippe Viret

Les Colonnades Red Wine 2000

Cool bottle of vino — 8 months ago

Ryann Swan
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Domaine Viret

Solstice Blanc Dry

This was magnificent. Well-balanced, fresh, and perfect with seafood apps, even with heavier sauces. Lively and great acidity. — 4 years ago

Domaine Viret (Domaine de l'Ecu)

Fratis "Love & Grapes" Syrah

Beautiful pure expression of syrah. — 5 years ago