Misno Vino

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Communion wine, originally made by the famous Strossmayer of Djakovo, Croatia. Still made and sold by the church to this day. Needed to open up a bit, but worth the wait. Lively aroma, blueberries and cotton candy. Perfectly balanced, and a really pleasant finish. Only paid 35 kuna (about $5) at the Cathedral in Djakovo, but would gladly pay much more back home. — 9 days ago

Misno Vino

Chardonnay 2017

Bright sunshiny color. Sharp, fruity nose. Dry dry dry, with a powerful bite. Tropical fruits and citrus. From the Djakovo cathedral, these guys have been doing it since the 1300s and they know what they’re doing. 45kn — 5 days ago


Ager Reserva White Blend 2015

Yummy! Loving the wines aged in French oak here. Doesn’t become too buttery and you can still taste the wine. — 25 days ago

Clai Bijele Zemlje

Ottocento crni Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

Croatian version of a super Tuscan blend. On the mark, luscious garnet color with a delightful full palette. Makes me miss Croatia! — 13 days ago

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Lush, elegant, delicate, blossom, peach skins — 21 days ago

Vina Deklić

Rosé Blend 2017

Really loved this. So well balanced and smooth. Not too fruity like some can be and not as dry as some of the Spanish ones can be. — 25 days ago


Plavac Mali 2017

The best of this wine I’ve tried in Croatia. Super rich and smooth mouth feel. Luscious berries with a bit of tobacco notes for me. — 19 days ago


Hvar Pošip

Pošip from my heritage. Rare to see this varietal in my part of the world. A rich, lush joy to share from MW winemaker Jo Ahearne — 12 days ago


Vinarija Benkovac Syrah 2014

Extremely rich in taste, great body, loved it with cevapcici and fried potatoes and green salad.
Recommended to open at least an hour before serving.
— 12 days ago

Tomic Bastijana (Tomic)

Illyricum Plavac Mali Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Fruit forward but enough earthiness to balance it out. Benefitted from a decanter. — 21 days ago