Cave des Onze Communes

Valle D'Aoste Cornalin 2018

Delicious… very tasty. Light on the tongue, but still has tons of flavor. Not super tannic. The aftertaste is slightly sweet, but it isn’t sweet on the tongue. Really enjoyable, and I found it at a very good price — a year ago

La Kiuva

Arnad-Montjovet Supérieur Red Blend 2016

Starts out bitter, but opens up right after. — 2 years ago

Maison Anselmet

La Touche Red Blend 2018

This red blend from Valle d'Aosta was remarkably smooth and light on its feet considering it's 14% ABV. Notes of red fruit on the nose and berry jam on the palate. Very enjoyable! A blend of Petite Rouge, Cornalin, Mayolet, and Fumin. 6/14/23. — 8 months ago

Chandra Kurt

Valais Cornalin 2019

Terrific bottle! Drinking this Swiss expression of the cornalin grape was like hiking through the Alps while eating plums and backcurrants. Fresh and juicy! 100% Cornalin. 9/19/22. — 2 years ago

Diego Curtaz

Dï Meun Petit Rouge Blend 2015

a beautiful weeknight valled'aosta — 2 years ago

Histoire D'Enfer

Cornalin 2014

Very northern Rhône. Rich spicy and savory. — a year ago

Cave Hubert Germanier Sa

Valais Cornalin

Nice lighter Pinot. Great with food. — a year ago

Shweta MuthaSidaarrth Mutha
with Shweta and Sidaarrth

Jean-René Germanier

Réserve Valais Cornalin 2015

fukcing glorious……….and empty. seek and destroy. give it an hour for fruit and flower, two for deep thinking drinking. — 2 years ago

Jess Paley
with Jess