Chianti Colli Senesi, Chianti

Azienda Agricola Casale di Mannino

Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese 2017

Cor mais clara, como normalmente são os chiantis, aroma frutado e equilibrado. Na boca é um bom vinho, harmonioso e complexo, com notas de frutas vermelhas, um bom corpo e um bom rastro. Deixa um pouco a sensação do álcool, mas a acidez e os tatinos são quase inexistentes. — 3 days ago

Bindi Sergardi

Al Canapo Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese Blend 2019

Classically fashioned, good persistence — 3 months ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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V. Innocenti

Chianti Colli Senesi 2016

Didn't know what to expect from this - it has surprisingly lightweight glass bottle - low carbon 💚. Lovely, typical sour cherry aromas and leather verging on sweaty saddle aromas (not in a bad way IMO). Peppery cherry flavours and satisfying, robust, dry tannic finish — 4 months ago

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Campochiarenti San Nicola Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese Blend 2020

Delicious end to a day in Italy!!
Warm dry pop of berries
— 12 days ago

Jennifer HenckDarlena Wiegand
with Jennifer and Darlena


Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese Blend 2020

Organic wine, more interesting than many Chianti. — 4 months ago

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Castello Romitorio

Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese Blend 2019

Vintage 2019 | sensual and charming, other colli senesi Chianti I tasted were often thin and skimpy. Great effort of Castelló Romitorio — a month ago

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Villa Spoiano

Chianti Colli Fiorentini Red Blend 2019

I agree. 9. Fruity Quaffer. Serving with pasta and meat sauce lunch. If it makes it that long. — a month ago

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Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga

Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese 2019

Bought at Eatily at Northpark. Very good. Would purchase again! — 4 months ago

Azienda Agricola Le Ragnaie

Chianti Colli Senesi Sangiovese 2016


— 5 months ago

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