Burgenland, Austria

Weingut Markus Altenburger

vom Kalk Burgenland Bläufrankisch 2018

🍷 Blaufränkisch is a prized, indigenous black variety of Austria, related to Gamay and Zweigelt. 🇦🇹 🍇

This particular wine comes from the town of Jois in the region of Burgenland, on the eastern edge of Austria. The vines here receive influences from Lake Neusiedl and the hills of the Leitha mountain range. ⛰ 💦 This region is known to produce high quality reds, such as this lovely wine from Markus Altenburger. @markusaltenburger

👁 Assessing the appearance, this wine is vibrantly purple with medium color concentration.

👃 The nose offers medium intensity of youthful, tart black fruit, such as blackberry, plum, sour cherry, also black licorice, peppercorn, violet, wet stone, leather, pipe tobacco, and allspice.

👄 On the palate this wine is dry (as in 1 g/L, dry!). It has lip-puckering acidity, a medium body, medium alcohol, medium tannins, and fresh, youthful flavors consistent with the nose, with an added spicy, pungent element.

Though this wine was fermented in stainless steel, it spent 12 months aging in large oak casks.

The acidity and structure of this wine give it amazing food-pairing potential. 🥘 The winemaker suggests Austrian schnitzel, intense pastas, and red meats. 👍

Blaufränkisch vom Kalk, Markus Altenburger, vintage 2018, ABV 12.5%.
— 17 days ago

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