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Beekeeper Honey Wheat


Honeyed goodness — 2 years ago

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Beekeeper Cellars

Montecillo Vineyard Zinfandel 2015

Awesome, mellow, ripe yet savory. — 5 years ago

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Beekeeper Marsanne Chardonnay 2013

13' Sanguis Beekeeper. A blending of Chardonnay, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier.

Nose - Abundance of flowers & perfume.

Can peaches, roasted pine nuts, white pepper, white peaches, mango. Lingering aftertaste of spices & creamy /silky textures 🤔. Rich & complexed. I dig it!

Not much like this on the market. This is a wine I would "not"pop for a crowd of people.
— 6 years ago

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David L

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@Jody Scharf @Charles Hudson I've always loved these whites from them .
David L

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@Jason Cutrer Very enjoyable.
Charles Hudson

Charles Hudson

I had passed on my white allocation this year, will revisit.

Scholium Project

MFCH Michael Faraday Michael Mara Vineyard Chardonnay

A little side tasting during the Beekeeper Wine maker dinner. — 7 years ago

William DiCenso
with William

Famille Bréchet

Plateau des Chênes Lirac Grenache Blanc Blend 2015

Reminds of the Sanguis Beekeeper bottling.,
Winery notes
Not an easy wine to find, check out K&L

blend of Grenache Blanc, Clairette, and Roussanne, this wine is distinctly floral and lush, exemplifying the quality that the famed Brechet family of Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s Château Vaudieu brings to every wine in their lineup. The Brechet family has an estate in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and just across the river from it they own a few small parcels in Lirac. This lovely little wine is at once floral, delicate, and rich, with a surprisingly weighty palate and a round quality on the tongue that enhances its depth. You might think a white from 2015 is a bit on the old side, but this little gem is just hitting its stride. With its couple of added years of age it has mellowed out, creating an almost honeyed quality in the glass that intensifies the complexity and lengthens the finish. It’s simply begging to be paired with a lightly spiced Asian cuisine such as a milder Thai dish or a traditional pork Bahn Mi.
— 3 years ago

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Zenaida Cellars

Beekeeper Roussanne 2010

Lovely, sweet with a bit of bite. — 5 years ago

Beekeeper Cellars

Black Sears Vineyard Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel 2012

Ok, this has to be *the* most unique and incredible Zin I've ever tasted. The nose and pallet have a mind-blowing immediate honeycomb flavor, which blends seamlessly into the fruit and slight peppery notes. — 7 years ago

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Beekeeper Cellars

Secret Stones Rockpile Zinfandel 2015

Shay A

New producer to me. Pretty strong reviews and I can see why. This is not your jammy fruit bomb zin that are super common. Finesse in style but retaining richness in flavor. Reminiscent of Carlisle style zins with higher acidity, lower ABV and encompassing the entire fruit spectrum. Ripe raspberries, blueberries and blackberries accompanied by Mexican vanilla and sandalwood aromatics. Energetic on the palate. Delicious. Thanks for opening, @Jack Thompson . — 5 years ago

Mark FlesherJack ThompsonArden Barnett
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David T

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Prefer the non fruit bombs as well.
Shay A

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@David T : And nice to enjoy one at 14.4 ABV when many others are 15-16%!
David T

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@Shay A In my perfect world, they would all be 12-13%. However, some producers mask the higher ABV levels of today better than others.

Mount Rozier

The Beekeeper Merlot

Nice Merlot with a lot of depth in the flavour. The wife bought it for me as part of wedding anniversary present. Had the bottle 13-08-17 — 6 years ago

Belle Glos

Dairyman Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2014

Again as was beekeeper just another great RVR Pinot. Dairyman wine a winner as well . Sorry but not sorry again that rich mouthful of jam, fruit that I tend to like most. Strictly personal of course. But for me. Love love — 7 years ago

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Jody Scharf

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@Riddley Walker opposites attrac
Weijie Shi (Jay)

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Tasted this at Caymus before, definitely one of my fav style of Pinot as well! Almost full bodied, ripe and explosive mouthfeel. Yum😍