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Shows it’s Christophe Baron pedigree. More restrained than Bionic Frog, but still with a long finish. Probably will benefit from a couple more years in the bottle. — 3 months ago

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Bryan Kesting

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@Keith Fisher What vintage? I hope you are well!
Shay A

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This bottle was ridiculous. Brilliant whole cluster spice, iron and dark fruits. Thanks for opening this, Keith.
Keith Fisher

Keith Fisher

@Bryan Kesting 2014. Tried to include that info, but I am not particularly skilled with this app. We are well here, but still pretty locked down. Hope you’re well and drinking good wine (looks like you have been).

Cayuse Vineyards

En Chamberlin Vineyard Syrah 2011

The 2011 ‘En Chamberlin’ Syrah by Cayuse is stunning at this age. Gorgeous dark fruits connect with wet rocks and charcuterie and Mandarin orange rind aromatics, which all come together in the glass. The silky texture borders ethereal as gorgeous flavors of black cherry cough syrup, wet rocks, umami, salted meats, black tea and blood orange flavors continue to impress. This remarkable Syrah is a sensational wine made by superstar vigneron Christophe Baron. — 2 years ago

No Girls Wines

La Paciencia Vineyard Grenache 2010

NO GIRLS Grenache, La Paciencia Vineyard 2010 (Christophe Baron autographed edition). 14.4% alcohol. No Girls Wines is a collaboration between Cayuse Vineyards' owner and vigneron Christophe Baron and general manager Trevor Dorland. This is a 100% Grenache from the La Paciencia (patience) vineyard. I think it’s right next door to Armada Vineyard which is the source for Cayuse “God Only Knows” Grenache. And like Cayuse, it’s all about those rocks with aromas of wet stone, mushroom, black olives, smoked meats and a hint of lavender. On the palate, berries, cherries, olive tapenade and fresh herbs. There’s an attractive salinity present that I find appealing. Silky texture with a nice, lingering finish of black olives. I find these No Girls wines to be far more approachable than the same vintage Cayuse varietals. And I would say they’re a bit more elegant, as in less in your face than Cayuse. I’m a fan. — 3 years ago

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Roman Sukley

Roman Sukley

@TheSkip I need to ask @Bill Bender to start sending me photos to use with my reviews. Perhaps Kate Upton caressing a No Girls bottle?
Bill Bender

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If I get that photo I will absolutely share @Roman Sukley !!
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Don’t ever say rocks around Christophe they are not just rocks they are “the stones” I’ll never forget the day I was corrected.

Cayuse Vineyards

En Chamberlin Vineyard Impulsivo Tempranillo 2017

One of the iconic Tempranillo bottlings in North America, the 2017 ‘Impulsivo’ Tempranillo is a spectacular effort by superstar vigneron Christophe Baron. Sourced from the ‘En Chamberlin Vineyard’, the Tempranillo takes the lead with layers of Umami, bacon fat, cigar ash and green olive tapenade woven together with shades of blackberry compote and salted meats on this complex bouquet. The gorgeous aromatics bring you back to the glass for more indulgence. Once on the attack, the silky mouthfeel effortlessly glides across the mid-palate. The elegance of this wine is truly profound, as wild blackberry jam and Satsuma orange zest flavors meld with shades of Umami, bacon fat, tar and Yakima cherry on this complex palate. Wait for the exceedingly long finish that adds a brilliant crescendo to top off this masterpiece. Drink 2020-2030- 97 — 5 months ago

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Cayuse Vineyards

En Cerise Vineyard Syrah 2011

The 2011 Cayuse Syrah from the En Cerise Vineyard in Walla Walla is showing so well tonight. There’s enough youth to it that the fruit is still front and center, but also enough age that its full depth of the complexity has emerged. Black cherry, plum, and blackberry, but with an exotic blood orange component that really ties the wine together and provides a seamless segue into the layers of garrigue, olive tapenade, lavender, sandalwood, smoldering incense, crushed rock, and campfire smoked meat with cracked pepper. The terroir is as undeniable as is the “Cayuse Funk” that Christophe Baron is so well known for. Extraordinary. — 2 years ago

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@TheSkip : The funk is definitely unique, but the right bottles balance the funk/fruit line well. If you want to try something similar, you can usually find bottles of Reynvaan on the secondary market at decent prices. They also get big scores, but can be a bit more easy to secure a bottle.
Isaac Pirolo

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@Mike R Thank you. 😁
Isaac Pirolo

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@TheSkip Completely agree with @Shay A . The funk has its roots in the Rhone Valley. I think you’d like it.

Cayuse Vineyards

God Only Knows Armada Vineyard Grenache

Perfect imperfection! Christophe Baron of Cayuse is truly a master mind. The 2013 God only knows is hitting all the sweat spots with a perfume that is just out of this world, a potpurri of super intense, perfectly ripe, yet perfectly fresh red fruit, and the trade mark funkiness is bringing you the dynamic to make this wine unique. The taste is just as convincing with a silencing intensity and an ever lasting length. Grenache elevated to the extreme! — 3 years ago

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Horsepower Vineyards

The Tribe Vineyard Syrah 2011

Shay A

Got to pop some special bottles when my good friend Shawn came in to town!

My third bottle to pop of the evening. These are love it or hate it style wines, and I fall on the “love it” side every single time. The type of wines that can express the terroir of this area is just incredible. In true to Cayuse/Christophe Baron style, this is a savory packed punch wrapped in elegance. This is actually the inaugural vintage for HP, and even at 8/9 yrs of age, this is still quite youthful. Aromatically, it’s a heady display of soy, teriyaki, green olive, peppercorn crusted smoked meats, currant and spicy rhubarb. The palate shows just a touch more heft than most traditional high end northern Rhône Syrahs, but aside from that, it’s a dead ringer. The savory/iron driven components from the nose continue, but there is great acid followed by herbs de Provence and lots of wildflowers/potpourri for a floral finish. I followed this over 48hrs and it powered through the entire time. So much complexity here. My thanks to
@Bill Bender for helping me try this.
— 8 months ago

Shawn R
with Shawn
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@Paul T- Huntington Beach : No. Hope to soon.
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🐴 🔌
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Got some 16s recently

Viña Almaviva S.A.

Almaviva Puente Alto Red Blend 2014

David T

The 14 Almaviva Cabernet is 68% Cabernet, 22% Carménère and 8% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot. The vines are 38 years of age. The wine spent 18 months in 75% new oak. The nose shows some slight funk at first. Blackberries, dark cherries, poached strawberries, black cherry cola/licorice and dark florals. The M+ tannins are soft and a little sticky. The fruits are slightly candied in style. Blackberries, black raspberries, dark chocolate, soft leather, crushed rocks, dark moist turned earth and dark fresh florals. The structure, length, tension, balance and finish are quiet beautiful. Producer history and notes...Almaviva began in 1997, as a joint venture between Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Viña Concha y Toro. With the strengths of both families pedigree, they achieved international recognition with the the launch of their very first vintage. Their goal was to create the equivalent of Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé in Chile. Patrick Leon is their Winemaker and also makes Opus One & Mouton Rothschild. Almaviva is located in the Maipo Valley in Chile's central zone. Puente Alto has ideal conditions for growing the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Almaviva has 85 hectares. The climatic features of Puente Alto include its; stony soil, cold, rainy winters, and the hot days and cool nights of its summers. Maipo is considered Chile’s Napa Valley.
— 3 years ago

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