Béatrice Et Pascal Lambert

Béatrice et Pascal Lambert

Les Perruches Chinon Cabernet Franc

Strongly fruity, rich and powerful white wine. Mono cépage chenin. Raised on 500l wood barrels which helps to limit imprint . Very refined. No sulfur = no headaches. Beautiful intense color. Disk is medium thick = acidity. Rich honey smellat first which develops into obvious coconut. Brioche. Thick/greasy. Drink with cheese such as beaufort or muscles with safran,
19€ at the producer
— 4 years ago

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Domaine Béatrice et Pascal Lambert

Ligeris Dolium Chenin Blanc Pinot Gris

cray cray. Rose from white grapes. Pretty rough and intense, big acid and big mouth feel. fun stuff. — 2 years ago

Beatrice & Pascal Lambert

Le Droit Chenin Chinon Chenin Blanc

Tasted at Loire tasting at Lorne 9-15-19
— 3 years ago

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Kelly Seiler

Kelly Seiler

Added to cellar 9-15-19, 2017 vintage. Organic grapes.

Béatrice et Pascal Lambert

Les Terrasses Chinon Cabernet Franc

Loved this especially for the price — 3 years ago

Béatrice et Pascal Lambert

Les Puits Danae Chinon Cabernet Franc 2012

Beautiful biodynamic cab franc. Tried 3 of these chi ins wines all beautiful but this one was the one. Medium bodies, round mouthfeel, so,e essence of the soil and rock from the surrounding river banks and mountains. Very much enjoyed the 2012 and cellared 2 more to be assessed in next 3-5 years if we can hold onto it that long. — 5 years ago