Schloss Gobelsburg

Schlosskellerei Gobelsburg Kamptal Gruner Veltliner 2020

Perfect little GV with an overload of sushi at the great Sushi Den in Denver. Couldn’t ask for a much better pairing with that classic little bitter kick at the end perfectly complementing a wide variety of fish and (a small amount) of soy and ginger. Fun times. — 3 days ago

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Franz Hirtzberger

Singerriedel Smaragd Riesling 2010

Powerful white that invades your mouth
Grillée, hay, almond
Not overly complex, but long and enjoyable
From memory not the best vintage, but still absolutely a winner
What else can compete with white Burgundy at this level?
— 3 days ago

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Weingut Steininger

Heiligenstein Niederösterreich Sekt Brut Riesling 2013

My first sekt in a while (ha ha) and it didn’t disappoint (the puns, they don’t stop). But seriously — this was banging. Ok I’m done now. — 2 days ago

Weingut Bründlmayer

Steinmassel Riesling 2019

Killer Austrian Riesling. Ugh I need to drink more Austrian wine! — 2 days ago

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Weingut Markus Altenburger

vom Kalk Burgenland Bläufrankisch 2018

🍷 Blaufränkisch is a prized, indigenous black variety of Austria, related to Gamay and Zweigelt. 🇦🇹 🍇

This particular wine comes from the town of Jois in the region of Burgenland, on the eastern edge of Austria. The vines here receive influences from Lake Neusiedl and the hills of the Leitha mountain range. ⛰ 💦 This region is known to produce high quality reds, such as this lovely wine from Markus Altenburger. @markusaltenburger

👁 Assessing the appearance, this wine is vibrantly purple with medium color concentration.

👃 The nose offers medium intensity of youthful, tart black fruit, such as blackberry, plum, sour cherry, also black licorice, peppercorn, violet, wet stone, leather, pipe tobacco, and allspice.

👄 On the palate this wine is dry (as in 1 g/L, dry!). It has lip-puckering acidity, a medium body, medium alcohol, medium tannins, and fresh, youthful flavors consistent with the nose, with an added spicy, pungent element.

Though this wine was fermented in stainless steel, it spent 12 months aging in large oak casks.

The acidity and structure of this wine give it amazing food-pairing potential. 🥘 The winemaker suggests Austrian schnitzel, intense pastas, and red meats. 👍

Blaufränkisch vom Kalk, Markus Altenburger, vintage 2018, ABV 12.5%.
— 18 days ago

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Reserve Pfarrweingarten Kremstal Grüner Veltliner 2019

Unscrew and pour. On the nose: soft spritz, heady mint and lime mixed with peach. This wine is not what I would call low ABV (14%), and that is perceptible on the nose. On the palate: lovely acidity and density, fantastic creamy mouthfeel, then more lime.and peach. Very fresh, but needs a lot of time, imo (maybe 3-5 years?). — 9 days ago

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Freiheit Grüner Veltliner 2018

Nariz: limon, manzana verde, flores blancas, piedra

Boca: Acidez M/M+, Alcohol M
— 5 days ago

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Claus Preisinger

Kalkstein Blaufränkisch

Another SuperStella wine pick from the owner’s friend’s young label. Very light a juicy but not super memorable for me. — a month ago

Weingut Knoll

Ried Schütt Durnsteiner Smaragd Riesling 2013

If Kellerberg is aromatic Schutt is definitely pristine minerality
Searing and tingling
In such great shape
This wine can be enjoyed now or in long time too is my guess
From fresh grape to kiwi and persimmon
A bit gingery, lemongrass, marzipan and a river bed of stones.. and freshness that keeps coming back
And so much fun going on
A winter riesling in a way
Extremely long
— 9 days ago

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