Alon Kura

Galil Mountain Winery

Alon Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2016

Full bodied, smooth. Great find. — 10 days ago

Sempuku Kura

Junmai Dai-Ginjyo

This junmaidaiginjo may well be the very best sake I have ever tried! Unbelievable! Comparable to some of the great whites from Burgundy. Delicate is the character. Floral notes (Jasmine, gardenia) with lychee on palate, great length. This top end sempuku is from Hiroshima is made with 65% polished rice. Superb. — 10 months ago

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@Muralee Murugesu Muralee looks great Happy New Years Cheers 🍷
Muralee Murugesu

Muralee Murugesu

Happy new year to you too. Cheers.

Muri no Kura

Mori no Kura Junmai-Ginjoshu Sake

Promotion dinner sake. Gorgeously fragrant rice, sips of honeydew — 2 years ago

Brooklyn Kura

Dry Hopped Limited Release Junmai Ginjo

This is the limited release, dry hopped, junmai ginjo saké with 5 grams residual sugar. Made in Brooklyn.

A very faint blush and a tropical IPA nose this is an incredibly refreshing sake. Medium bodied with stone fruit and melon rind. Went great with salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, and stir fried vegetables.
— 3 months ago

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Nishida Brewery

Yoshihisa Izumi Rhinoceros Auklets Daiginjo

From same Aomori kura as Denshu. Similar profile / more polished. Rhinoceros auklet (uto) seems to be the state birdie of Aomori — a year ago

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Brooklyn Kura

Craft Sake

Blue door junmai nama genshu — a year ago


Rouge Merlot Blend 2017


— 2 years ago

Kawatsuru Shuzou

Oseto Kagawa Tokubetso Junmai

Kawatsuru Oseto Tokubetsu Junmai from Kagawa Prefecture. Female Toji (head brewer) at the kura.
Crane of Paradise. 55% milling wth a blend of Oseto and Yamadanishiki rice.
Tokubetsu means “special “ in Japanese.
Dry and bold with a creamy touch. Ripe Asian pear, dried persimmon, cinnamon and a bit of nougat chocolate on the finish.
We had it with sashimi of B.C. Spot Prawns and Hokkaido scallops.
Very enjoyable and well priced at $30 CDN
— 3 months ago

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Nishida Shuzo

Nishida Denshu Tokubetsu Junmai

@Uemura. I think this kura change their style - new Denshu is clean/elegant with streak of juicy sanmi. — a year ago

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Eiko Fuji

Glorious Mt Fuji Sake-Kura

Cute bear, cat, racoon Samurai. So bubble gum like and delicious — a year ago