Alheit Vineyards

Alheit Vineyards

Cartology Bushvines Chenin Blanc Blend 2020

Ripe peaches, honeyed pears, cantaloupe, saltgrass, beeswax, subtler notes of clay and Anaheim chiles. Lots of complexity and depth. Lemon curd and chamomile on the palate. One of the finest South African whites I've had. — 8 months ago

Alheit Vineyards

Nautical Dawn Chenin Blanc 2018

They have done it again, another home run from Alheit, amped up to eleven but in a fresh casing. A stunning Chenin that is all about texture
Pronoucned intense, somewhat reductive at first, but soon blooms out to expose an amazing array of aromas of fresh but ripe fruit, ripe lemons, bruised apples, honeydew melon, orange blossom followed by beeswax, cashew nuts and a very present savoury complexity with a salty breeze and dusty rock minerality.
Rich palate with a focused and tactile, high acidity that penetrates the medium full body with a pronounced fruit profile of juicy but fresh fruit, lemon juice, melon, honey, expansive complexity with a rocky and salty base note that evolves into a toffee and milky like texture through a long finish. Brilliant
— 3 years ago

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Alheit Vineyards

hemelrand Vine Garden Roussanne Blend

Can't get enough of this producer. Changed my view on South African wines. — 7 years ago

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Alheit Vineyards

Magnetic North Mountain Makstok Chenin Blanc 2014

Kickass Chenin Blanc showing that South Africa is the master of this grape. Complex toasted, oxidized, cream, vanilla, and white fruit flavor combination. An excellent accompaniment to pasta with asparagus. Stands up to asparagus’s strong flavor. Great buy. Just the right age. — 8 months ago

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Alheit Vineyards

Broom Ridge Chenin Blanc 2019

100% Chenin Blanc, Aroma making me feel grass and tree. A bit rich but with stipulated acidity, citrus, white flower. Mineral. 2019 @1760(2200), domaine, 210314 — 3 years ago

Alheit Vineyards

Fire By Night Chenin Blanc 2017

Honey comb, bees wax, minerality and good acidity — 5 years ago

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Alheit Vineyards

Limited Release Chenin Blanc

@Bev Delectable this is Alheit Vineyards Lost and Found 100% hanepoot sweet wine 7% alcohol — a year ago

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The Society's Exhibition

Western Cape Chenin Blanc 2020

In Chris Alheit, the Wine Society have obviously chosen the best man for the job in producing their Exhibition range South African Chenin Blanc. For anyone new to the style, I say, drink this. It’s exemplary stuff, with bags of Chenin character - and a sneaky long finish, too. On the nose, burnt butter is soon followed by wet gravel and that giveaway zest of orange, and by the second night a note of chamomile had emerged. The palate is brisk and lively, with juicy kiwi and apple flavours that are cut into shape by towering acidity and some gentle tannin.

And all this for £13 ($17). Outrageous value and one to buy by the case.
— 2 years ago

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Alheit Vineyards

La Colline Vineyard Sémillon 2017

17/20 (92/100) Вино с ароматами спелых яблок, орегано, белого перца и сырых камней. Тельное с довольно высокой кислотностью. Зеленое яблоко и пчелиный воск во вкусе. Отлично! #capewine2018 — 5 years ago

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