Akhali Marani


Kakheti Saperavi

Great, deep, full-bodied red from Georgia — 2 years ago

Sartori di Verona

Marani Garganega 2018

19$ fruité, citronné sans arrière-goût — 2 years ago

Telavi Wine Cellars

Marani Saperavi Rosé

So crisp, clean, fruity — 2 years ago

Vartsikhe Marani

Dry Red Otskhanuri Sapare 2018

Absolutely fantastic georgian version of a burgundy, its got a little damp earth funk, but very juicy, aromatic, good dry acidity, a little licorice — 3 years ago

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Kakhuri Gvinis Marani

Qvevri Amber Dry Rkatsiteli 2015

First Georgian wine, first orange wine, I'm in uncharted territories here 😊. Spoiler alert : I like it very much.

I have issues describing the nose as it's completely new to me : there is a bit of honey, a bit of menthol or petrol, some white flower notes too and a tiny touch of apricot. Wow
Here comes a palate with tannins 😮 a strong acid drive, a good width with matter and a nice thickness, honey and apricot and then that huge spherical mid palate where tannins kick in with a drying thing which creates some asperity and triggers a never-ending finish with that dry mouthfeel and the same honey, apricot touches.
I usually associate honey and apricot touches to sweet wines or some chenin crus. This is very dry, but with a weight and a nice presence. I'm a bit late on the trend but I'll look into orange wines some more (and Georgian wines too)
— 2 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Daniel Maquin I'm a student for life.
Bob McDonald

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@Daniel Maquin Certainly sounds like an Orange wine from your excellent tasting notes. Probably extended skin contact in an amphora.
Daniel M

Daniel M

@Bob McDonald thank you sir. After careful checking this is what the second label says indeed.

Bertlani's Marani

Obolziani Dry Rkatsiteli 2015

Amazing small batch Georgian wine from Khaketi. — 3 years ago

Tedo's Marani

Amber Dry Qvevri Mtsvane Rkatsiteli

I always have this perception that Georgian wine is very dry, though this was not the case. Quite fruity, dense, hints of oak. A nice change from the usual, though didn’t knock my socks off. — 2 years ago

Alapiani's Marani

Rkatsiteli Bolnuri 2017

pear. dried apricots. nice tannins. highly drinkable. yes please. buy again. from flatiron. — 2 years ago

Alapiani's Marani


Strong cherry and spice. Interesting balance of acid and tannins. The sharpness balances well with Georgian food. An enjoyable bottle. — 3 years ago

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