Ballast Point Brewing Company

Nitro Red Velvet Golden Oatmeal Stout

Not as red as I expected. Great hoary nitro head, though, and cake comes through strong with vanilla and chocolate just a whisper. Lacing is interstellar Milky Way magic that sticks around. A very creamy beer, but lacks cream's weight. So, spongy and moist in a way. There is iron, mineral, and I assume, hidden vitamins behind an earthy cocoa nib and barely-there-beet sumptuousness. Bitter pecan and dark grain notes are an almost welcome afterthought. In the discounted single beer bin, or I may never have tried it. Worth it if you like creamy fare. Nitro makes all the sense in the world here! #nitro #ballastpoint #oddbins #cream #letthemeatcake #redvelvet #zombieking — 2 years ago

Elgee Park

Family Reserve Baillieu Myer Riesling 2001

found this #Aussie #Riesling in the #oddbins rack of an importer's temp controlled #cellar It had been there for a while. Turned out I got lucky. Nice #citrus & #petrol notes with a honeyed, yet racy, #bonedry palate with longish finish. Yeah...and just $8!!! — 4 years ago