Lagunitas Brewing Company

Hop Stoopid Ale

Buttery, candied grapefruit and pineapple, lemon marshmallow, aloe, beeswax candle, juniper berry and pine parchment aromatically. Fluff biscuit head that pontificated amidst perimeter chatter leaving scrawl and stalactites. Creamy with burnt points like baked Alaska. Yammy and browned with sugar before pulling apart to cola, egg cream and bitter chocolate with electric malt shadows. Gum Arabic and pine sap are just the catalysts to this green pinecone and sweet grass turned bitter almond, and oregano oil medicine rinse. Kicks out all the head fog that ails you, and replaces it with resin and tar. Sinus meds. #Lagunitas #hopstoopid #ale #ibu #ibuubme #102ibu4u #LagunitasBrewing #abv #beer #bitter #headmeds — a year ago

Château de l'Aumerade

Côtes de Provence Blanc De Blancs 2013

Floral nose with shades of citrus and pear. Quite too hard bitterness in floral palate. Tart finish. #floral #bitter #sadface — 4 years ago

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Eugene Sypachev

Eugene Sypachev

It's not so #sadface if drunk with nice vanilla pecan 🐭

Andrea Tirelli


Not my kind of wine #orangewine thin on the palate with #bitter finish Appreciate its uniqueness but not for me #cortese — 4 years ago

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