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We should not need these roundups. But until there’s better representation, omfg, we need wine women roundups because the number of women who are winemakers is…ridiculously low. So, I know everyone was like, “yay, it’s March, go team Woman Wines” for March, but let’s keep it going all year round. I’ve championed this before: here and here and here Oh, and if in LA, you should go to Vinovore, where the majority of wines are made by women. Look, I am not (I don’t think?) a misandrist. I have guy friends! But I’m also into spreading with wine women word. So drink yourself clean. Of misogyny. Here’s a petite handful to keep the love going: YALUMBA Chief winemaker Louisa Rose has been with Yalumba since 1992. She is one of Australia’s chief proponents of Viognier, even winning awards for her work with it. Rose is not the only woman winemaker at Yalumba, their Organics collection is overseen by Heather Fraser. As for the Y Series Viognier, it’s a twofer in the women department—artist Cindy Durant did the labels! 2021 Yalumba The Y Series Viognier So very lifted, light n lovely—an absolute charmer. There’s a smidge of delightful minerality and gunflint giving way to honeysuckle, yellow peach skin/yellow peach pit, and fennel. On the palate, it has a lovely texture to it. It grabs, then it glides, giving way to even more honeysuckle, gingerroot, cardamom, and white rose candle wax linen ( I just invented that as a thing) in a good way. My wardrobe synesthesia I have between wine and fashion sees an ivory white thirties style linen women’s blazer, probably worn by Garbo, with a matching hat. Hits all the fun Viognier notes without giving way to Viognier overload. It’s like a ripe Chablis 1er meets white peach Bellini. VINTAGE LONGBOTTOM WINES How about another Aussie twofer—a mother/daughter duo! Founded by Kim Longbottom and her late husband Mark, she continued on after his passing in 2008 but kept things in the family. Her daughter Margo joined in, and they work together now. The proof is in the pudding—the Chardonnay pudding. 2019 Vintage Longbottom Wines ‘H’ Chardonnay Straight out the screwcap I got delightful flinty struck match aromas, and even as they blow off, a nice hint of it remained. J’adore the “goût de pierre à fusil” wrapped up in sweet citrus. On the palate, some oaky vanilla comes out to play, just enough and not too much. Very silky and sunshine flavors of pink grapefruit, toasted marshmallow, crisp ripe yellow apple, and a touch of allspice all swirl together. Very enjoyable, would drink it again and probably will. LA RATA After working at Cayuse, Elizabeth Bourcier decided to make her own wine from the Cayuse biodynamic grapes, inspired by a wine from Priorat made by a woman winemaker. La Rata is also a nod to The Rat, her zodiac sign! 2019 La Rata Red Blend 60% Grenache/31% Cabernet Sauvignon/9% Syrah from Walla Walla Washington! It is vibrant and alive. It delights my nose with wildly potent aromas that say roses, red fruit, spices, and wild herbs. It prickles the tongue. For a Grenache/Cab/Syrah blend it is nobly not high in the abv. All the red cherry fruit, garrigue, and intrigue; whiffs of licorice and anise and violet waft through too. The body is both light and arresting at once—dunno how it does that. It’s like the featherweight comforters that keep you warm. But also, I would serve this chilled. And not. It’s a REALLY good wine. DOS MINAS Slang for two chicks: Lucía Romero (Bodega El Porvenir de los Andes in Cafayate) paired up with Heather Willens (Argentina via California)—to make a vibrant wine. Being Cafayete-based they excel at Torrontes, but believe me, they are making stellar Tannat to boot. 2019 Dos Minas Tannat Cafayate, a part of Salta, is best known for Torrontes, but it has a way with wines that begin with the letter T. This is juicy bar none, but herbal af too. Lively body, it has a lot going on and lilts across the tongue before the tannins kick in, but they aren’t outspoken, more like a backup dancer bringing a bit of structure and grab to it all. Minty notes liven it all up. But then tar and mud notes keep it down to earth. This wine is every woman. J. LOHR Kristen Barnhisel is the white winemaker for J. Lohr, and she is marvelous—and also is this month’s guest on my podcast—check out more HERE . J. Lohr has big plans for women….Barnhisel started her life on the catwalks of the winery, sniffing in the good and the bad before eventually studying winemaking at UC Davis and settling into it—here, there—especially Italy—and eventually at J. Lohr. 2021 J. Lohr Chardonnay Arroyo Vista, Arroyl Seco Monterey Chardonnay that splits the balance between malo/oak luxury and ocean air-derived freshness! It brings out pear and apple, spice and cream on the nose, with all that along with some new milk freshness and tropical fruit on the palate before ending on a strong, lightly buttered caramel corn. Oh, we could also call it crème brûlée, but I don’t like crème brûlée (don’t @ me), so I’m calling it lightly buttered caramel corn. Do it up. ÉLÉONORE MOREAU It’s not all California; how about a Chablis creator? Éléonore Moreau is the latest generation to take on the wines and lend her name to the label. She came to it in 2011 and, in 2016, settled in to continue her father’s work. 2020 Éléanore Moreau Chablis Stone n sweet citrus fun vibes. Salted apricot and Meyer lemon jam all day n night. Fuller and more textured than I think of Chablis being with medium acid…it makes me think of a Ramos gin fizz for the mix of sweet citrus and a hint of savory. A nice bump of wet stone and some salinity on the palate ground it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want to read more from Ellen? Check out her recent articles: Old World vs. New World: Tannat Ellen in Lalaland: Escape to Santa Monica Add Sugar to Your Heart Big Barolo Energy What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking You can also listen to Ellen's podcast , The Wine Situation here . Check out her recent transcripts of the Final Five questions: Wine Situation Final Five! Kristen Barnhisel Wine Situation Final Five! Bella Crimson

J. Lohr

Arroyo Vista Vineyard Chardonnay 2021

So down for an Arroyo Seco Chard. Really good balance of malo/oak luxury and pear/spice/gentle creams ends in lightly buttered caramel corn. — a year ago

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The Y Series Viognier 2021

Such a charming wine—and I’m not normally a Viognier person. A touch of mineralogy online with honeysuckle, peach skin, and what the want fennel. I have wardrobe synesthesia and experience this as an ivory white thirties style women’s blazer. — a year ago

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La Rata Wines

Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2019

Can I tell you how alive this wine is? I could but you’d have to taste it to get it much like you can tell your friends about the person they need to meet and they won’t care until they meet and immediately are inevitably taken with said person. What takes me? This wine is fucking ALIVE. Full of zingy tangerine vibe zest but mostly chewy yet barely ripe red cherry and garrigue (sage lavender underbrush fun) and then like also licorice with friendly handsy (in a welcomed way( tannins) and a forest fun finish. J’adore. — a year ago

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Dos Minas

Cafayate Tannat 2019

A delight. That’s all. — a year ago

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Vintage Longbottom

H Chardonnay 2019

Off the screw so there’s overt flinty gun smoke notes that blow off except for a little bit of fun of it. Silky. Some oaky vanilla along with with pink grapefruit, toasted marshmallow, and even some yellow apple and allspice. Delish. I don’t need a more original word cause that is what it is. Delish. — a year ago

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Eléonore Moreau

Chablis Chardonnay 2020

A touch not what I tend to expect of Chablis but quite tasty. Salted apricot and meter lemon. Fuller and more textured than the average Chab. Nice bump of wet stone and salinity to boot. — a year ago

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