Hosted by Ellen Clifford and Shaughn Buchholz, The Wine Situation asks our guests what their situation is...with wine! All episodes on various networks can be found here . This week we got online to talk to fellow podcaster Stu the Wine Guru! Before dialing him up we go through the week’s hip sip tip: Ellen is loving a Highlands Scotch: Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or and Shaughn is getting into Cremant de Jura ! Listen into our episode with Karl Hess if you want to hear us tasting one in action. Once we connect we get into Stu’s life in wine and we answer some Instagram questions from 7Springswine and Bexster319. Tune in if you wanna know some underwear and baseball facts. Super important if you want to drink good wine. Stu shares the wine that made him fascinated–Cali Cab? Yes please. We also discuss judging big wine contests and BREAKING NEWS what educational program Stu is jumping into. At some point Stu turns the tables on us and we get into favorite California wines and our (rather strong) feelings about Sideways. We also discuss if wine can keep up with millennial trends. We finish on favorite up and coming wine areas and how wine can keep up with trends. Cheers! -------------------------------------------------- This week (9/18) Ellen and Shaughn are broadcasting from the quarters of David Zwick and Winston Carter aka the guys behind the Try It You’ll Like It podcast! Before welcoming their guests they tackle a mailbag question about orange wine aka skin contact wine. They explain it and unpack the name. Ellen suggests it rebrand as touché blanc. Shaughn’s vote is to call it rust. They then crack open an unusual wine from San Benito: Harrington Siletto Vineyard Corvina! It is a red…or is it a rosé? It is an unusual grape to be grown in California! See the tasting note below and add your own thoughts. David and Winston get into their life in food, and how they feel about wine. Neither one is sold on wine when they could be drinking beer, but Winston is obsessed with the film “Somm” so change is afoot. And David astutely smelled notes of watermelon jolly rancher on the wine. They spoke the wine language! The evening culminated with a tasting of Malort, the maligned/beloved bitter Chicago amaro. One of the crew loves it…


Siletto Vineyard Corvina 2017

Rosé or red? You be the judge. Either way this is delightful chilled. Watermelon jolly ranchers sprayed with a whiff of sea air then liquified on a limestone plate. Really refreshing but beware the alcohol is higher than you’d surmise.., — 6 years ago

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Stanley Barrios

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Just had a Harrington Trousseau that piqued my interest. I dig it
Ellen Clifford

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@Stanley Barrios they’re doing cool stuff! I’ll have to try more:)


12 Years The Nectar d'Or Extra Matured Sauternes Casks Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Oh hey! Leave it to @Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum to get me into a Scotch. This is delectable. My usual quibble with scotch is the smoke and this one has a whisper of it but it only serves to ballast the vanilla, honey and...marmalade? Of the rest of this. Tried neat and on a big cube o’ ice in a chilled glass and definitely recommend the latter. It is an evenings worth of delicate sipping. A ballerina. A delicate scotch. I’m a fan. I eat my anti-scotch words this one is for me. — 6 years ago

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Matt Perlman

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This pic needs to be memed...”I love Scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch” etc
Ellen Clifford

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@Matt Perlman hehehehe finally a use for the 🥃 emoji!