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Marissa A. Ross is the author of "Wine. All The Time.: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking" and the Wine Editor of Bon Appétit magazine. Marissa began blogging about wine in 2012 and has since been named one of Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40, served as Man Repeller's "go-to wine expert," was named "Coach of the Month" by Elle magazine, and has been featured as one of the wine world's leading writers in Food & Wine, GQ, and Esquire. Her blog, "Wine. All the Time.", has earned her Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice awards for "Best Wine Coverage" at the Saveur Blog Awards. Delectable: What sparked your passion for wine? Marissa: I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue comedy writing and performing. At the time, I was broke, living with a drug dealer and a prostitute who I did not realize were either of those things when I met them on Craigslist, so I would hole myself up in my room with Charles Shaw and write. I started to really enjoy wine, and slowly it became a part of my comedy, and eventually it took over my life — in a good way! I started drinking wines that weren’t $3 and became obsessed with the ritual of tasting. I loved sitting with a new wine—smelling, tasting, observing how it changed, writing about it and, frankly, writing about myself. Wine gave me this whole other expression of storytelling because, while the wine tells a story, it also allows me to tell my own stories too. D: What wine region are you wild about right now? M: I’ve been on a crazy Italy kick for the last year, especially Abruzzo and Umbria. I’m also totally bananas over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Australia. So much cool stuff is coming from those places, and there is so much to explore. D: What is the most unusual wine you’ve ever tried? M: It’s hard to say because I feel that it is constantly changing the more I explore. I recently had the Domaine Jean Bourdy “Galant des Abbesses,” which is unusual because it is a heated wine made in copper cauldrons in the same way it’s been made since the 16th century. Also, super delicious. It’s what I had on my birthday instead of a cake because why eat dessert when you can drink it? Yes, I am one of those weirdos who doesn’t care about dessert. I’m just not that into sweets, but man, I’m into this wine. D: What are some tips for aspiring connoisseurs? M: Try everything and remember you will never know everything, and that’s okay, because no one else does either. D: What is your golden rule for wine? M: Drink what you love. Dump what you don’t. That sounds cliché but the whole point of wine is to enjoy it, and sometimes that gets lost in everything else that surrounds wine. D: If you were a wine, what wine would you be? M: Gamay, if only for the sheer quantity I’ve consumed of it.

Michael Gindl

Flora Weiss Riesling Blend

Marissa A. Ross

Reminds me of Flonase, but WAY BETTER & DELICIOUS & BUBBLY. It’s a quick shot of concentrated spring; super floral with jasmine & white iris, lots of forest breezes and wet grass vibes. And if you’ve ever tried Flonase, I KNOW you feel me. And if you don’t have allergies, you are so lucky & you’ll still love the hell out of this incredibly bright & delightful bottle. — 5 years ago

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Kidev Erti Chinuri 2016

Marissa A. Ross

Evokes images of honeybees bustling around fresh citrus blossoms. Cloudy-dandelion in color, the Lapati Kidev Erti Chinuri smells and tastes like orange trees in the spring with wafts of cantaloupe, honey, and fresh laundry. With sudsy bubbles and bright acidity, pop it and you will be singing along with the chorus of Kendrick Lamar’s “Yah” in no time. — 5 years ago

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Samvel Simonyants

Samvel Simonyants

@Marissa A. Ross wow! How you manage to find Vincent’s wine in US?

Cantina Ribelà

Garbagorba 2016

Marissa A. Ross

Looks like gauze made from the brightest tropical coral. Smells like bing cherry morning dew dripping off cold gardenias. Tastes like you're devouring a watermelon filled with pomegranate juice trimmed with limestone, lemon rinds, and almond shavings. Refreshingly modern with a depth of terroir and tradition. Mio cuore canta (one of three Italian phrases I have DOWN). — 6 years ago

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Grololo Grolleau Noir

Marissa A. Ross

smells like the all sprinklers just went off at dusk in late July across an entire neighborhood; lawns of peppered strawberry and blackberry, wet sidewalks wafting. And it tastes like a spiced raspberry juice hot tub with the acidic shock of a peer-pressured dive into the pool. It's not THAT cold, so it's cool [bahhh-dumm-chhh] but it still fucking hits ya, man. It's a pure and simple pleasure, the kind of thing you don't have to think too much about until you decided to hit the bong because you have the worst cramps ever and now here we are. — 5 years ago

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Peter Sultan

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Any write up that connects hot tubs & bongs deserves 5 gold stars

Finca Parera

Sasso Xarello 2014

Marissa A. Ross

Bright but golden yellow, this wine smells like briny honeydew served on a bed of gardenias. It’s well-rounded with a medium body, heightened acidity, and a waxy, oily texture with flavors of honeysuckle, soft lemons, green apple, and mango. There are also notes of, in the words of Ron Burgundy, “Lanolin?” — 5 years ago

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Isaac Pirolo

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@Marissa A. Ross maybe don’t wear a bra next time...

Julien Altaber (Sextant)

Skin Contact Aligoté

Marissa A. Ross

Pale saffron in color, this Pétillant Naturel from Burgundy smells like a cider with stone fruit, dried papaya, and new carpet in an apartment near campus. Fresh, vibrant, and begging to party, “Skin Bull” has a bready beer taste to it and goes down easier than a 40 of High Life you didn’t pay for. Come for the party, and stay for the bright flavors of pineapple, barely ripe pears, wrists dabbed with rose hips. — 5 years ago

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Jean-Yves Péron

La Petite Robe Jacquère 2015

Marissa A. Ross

drinking it feels like slipping into a slinky, chilled, silk robe. It’s saffron in color with a bouquet of Quaker apple and cinnamon oatmeal (with a hint of guava), and tastes like green apple and pineapple, cinched with a belt of spiced white lilies. It’s textured yet smooth, and feels like white wine on MDMA. — 5 years ago

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David T

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Congratulations on your Delectable feature. Interesting read & reveal on your introduction. Those are a real cast of characters for roommates for your intro to LA. Cheers! 🍷


"Sur Lie Rosé"

Marissa A. Ross

This wine is actually 100% Pinot Nero not a blend as stated here. But anyway, it tastes like muddled raspberries & grapefruit juice over Pop Rocks with garnishes of dusty bougainvillea & cold pine needles, with a balsamic float. Stunning magenta color and a truly lovely wine. — 6 years ago

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Chris Crain

Chris Crain

Love your note! Pop rocks... lol.
Bill Bender

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I may stop in and say hi at Natfest @Marissa A. Ross because I too am enthused by leisure.