Cocktail Series: Kalimotxo

If you've never tried this simple cocktail of cola and red wine then you haven't been living. From the same country that brought you the delightfully fruity punch sangria, this 70s Spanish delight is made up of exactly 50% cola and 50% red wine. We'd suggest sticking with a Spanish wine or grape to keep on theme, and perhaps one that isn't too expensive. It’s a great way to salvage a wine that was a bit of a letdown or, if you're really feeling wild, go for that excellent value red and make it one stunningly delicious but simple cocktail. Try adding a splash of lime to give a Cuba Libre twist as a nod to its first name — Cuba Libre del Pobre (poor man’s Cuba Libre). And if you can get your hands on one, go for a cane sugar cola (such as a Mexican Coca-Cola for those of us in the States) for the full effect.