ALL the Wine Cans: Get It 2021

I focused on canned wines in 2018 and 2019 with varying qualifying protocol. In 2018 , it was wines and wine spritzer-ish things, both in glass and can. In 2019 , I ruled out anything but straight up wine and only tasted in can. Because I figured the purpose of canned wine was to be able to...have wine in a can so why bother with glass. Then last year, what with pandemic canned cocktails proliferating, I gave those a go. Check out 2020 here . And this year, I’ve realized the original intent of cans has changed. Now it isn’t just that it is in a can—it is portion size, portability, and, if it is a wine cocktail, just eliminating the need to gather many ingredients for one drink. Just to rein myself in, I did stick to only cans that had wine in them. Straight-up cocktails were out, but wine cocktails I included in my findings. Please see my other columns for the old recommendations. I haven’t revisited them all, but they should steer you the right way. This year I give you my bliss of new-to-me recommendations. I’ll tell you what I like and how I like it. My goodness we really have developed a trusting relationship. To 2021 summer! Delta Wine Brut California Rosé Blend I adored this wine, and hey, they donate to environmental causes so that’s cool, right? Pleasant and berry forward with a bit of a tart kick to keep it fresh. Pool party pick. Possibly a best in show favorite. 14 Hands Winery Unicorn Rosé Bubbles Adore. I kinda didn’t think I would. I went in with a bad attitude given them calling themselves a unicorn and I don’t know about that but I really liked it. I got it at the grocery store; am I getting basic? I don’t know but here are my notes! Plush it is…and um I think off-dry. It has this streak of pink and black jellybeans that will not be denied and I am HERE for it. Like, I really like this. Straight from the can. Good texture, great acid. Which of course I’m like it’s SO good outa can, lemme put it in a glass and get some aroma, ya know? In a glass I got more berry on the nose, but I’d still drink it either way. McBride Sisters She Can Coastal Berry Dry Rosé Spritzer Omigod I love. This reminds me of this drink we had in St. Louis called West End; they were I think supposed to be in the style of Italian sodas, just light and justttttt enough fruit flavor. My problem with La Croix is it is that they don’t have enough flavor whereas some of these canned wine drinks are too much. Very raspberry-y, a hint of mineral, a hint of rose. And if you haven’t read up on the McBride sisters—well do yourself a favor and look it up. I’d just purchased the one flavor of this but I’m going back for more. Lo-Fi Grapefruit Hibiscus Spritz Omigosh it is delicious. Having just tried all the Lo-Fi vermouths, I thought it tasted like their Gentian vermouth in spritz form. Then I looked it up and high-five me bro I’m getting so good at blind tasting, it says that their Gentian vermouth gets its color from hibiscus so…this really is excellent. It is good but potent out of the can, so I do suggest heeding the advice in the small print on the side of the can to serve on ice. Which I did. Out of my skull cup. The potent nature of this is part of its attraction—I feel like a lot of spritzes feel watered down, and some canned drinks, while potent, reek of artificial stuff but this is the perfectly balanced and all natural. It belongs at your next outdoor gathering. Two Shepards Bucking Luna Sparkling Cinsault-Carignan I’m down with any winery that names a blend after their pet Sicilian mini donkey. And to use wordplay and puns, as on the back they explain that Luna was born just before shutdown, and that she is “bucking cute” And that they are bidding farewell to “all the 2020 pains in the ass” ...they are killing it on the wordplay game. But how does it taste? Sour red plums and easygoing raspberries lead the way, but the fun thing with this (for me) is the textural play. It’s got the tannins of a midweight red but then the effervescence lifts them and um, bucks them around your mouth. Reminds me of pop rocks but like, not like pop rocks. This is wine. Ends with a smidge of brett, keeping it real as the donkey it is named for. PS, also look for Two Shepards “Maximus” Sparkling Piquette–it is named for their kitten and is dang tasty and at only 7% abv you can chugalug as you see fit. Field Recordings Alloy Wine Works Tin City Everyday Rosé Tin City wine from an aluminum can, whaddaya know? I liked it from the can. I feel like more flavor came out in a glass which, in THIS wine’s case was great. But I enjoyed the can with its excess of verbiage—seriously little messages were snuck in everywhere. I don’t know that I agreed with alllll the tasting notes—but I did get the strawberry and rose. Also, for me I tasted kumquat (for real), and…arugula? White pepper? Something spicy. Super into this. Supes. And there is like a…nougat finish? Main & Vine Pink Grapefruit Wine Spritzer My initial notes said “supes frosh”. Having had to purchase it in a four pack, I revisited later to elaborate. It is indeed surprisingly refreshingly grapefruit forward. Feels unadulterated which is…not the usual wine spritzer vibe, at least not that I remember from the wine spritzers of my…youth? I can’t say I’ve had many recently. The grapefruit is my main tasting note and I’m cool with that. I love grapefruit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want to read more from Ellen? Check out her recent articles: Go Mendocino Ellen in Lalaland, Almost Post-Pandemic Style May Flowers Ma Sherry Space Wine You can also listen to Ellen's podcast , The Wine Situation here . 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Two Shepherds

Bucking Luna Cinsault Carignan

This can kills it on the wordplay game (get your hands on some, read the back and relish the punnery) and hey it tastes good too! I’m a fan of bubbly reds and this one hits the right balance of tannic weight and bubble lift, all woven through with red plum and raspberry flavor plush just a touch of brett. — 2 years ago

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🐎 Good stuff!

14 Hands Winery

Unicorn Limited Release Rosé Bubbles Rosé Blend

Didn’t want to enjoy. But it deserves its unicorn name, I actually found this really plush and it I thinkkkkkk maybe has a touch of rs, and a latent spiciness to it reminiscent of licorice. — 2 years ago

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Ron R

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That’s a little lush now 😃
Ellen Clifford

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@Ron R lol this is total lush summer wine

McBride Sisters

She Can Coastal Berry Spritzer Dry Rosé

Ever so fun, how a wine spritzer is meant to be! Very raspberry rich plus a hint of minerality and rose. — 2 years ago

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MaJ CappS

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Love easily mobile beverages in the summer!
Ellen Clifford

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@MaJ CappS totally! Keep your eyes out for my feature on them—I have more recommendations to give!

Field Recordings

Alloy Wine Works Everyday Rosé

Roses and strawberries and a hint of…arugula! I was into this one and also the can has all sorts of messages hidden all over it so…always read your wine. — 2 years ago

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Grapefruit Hibiscus Spritz

So much fun, you really get the hibiscus in this, it excels over ice with a grapefruit garnish. The most sophisticated of canned wines! — 2 years ago

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Delta Wine

Brut California Rosé Blend

Fun with froth! It’s a pleasant and simple dry berry-forward can of fun. Kind of has a Sweetart vibe minus the chalky nature plus the carbonation kick. Were I the type to sunbathe I’d be out there in a bikini to match the can soaking up the rays, but as I am a pale creature of the night I’m sucking it down from my moonlit lair. I may be wearing black the the can matches my lava lamp. — 2 years ago

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Main & Vine

Pink Grapefruit Spritzer

Ever so very grapefruit forward. I cannot complain about lack of complexity because I f@%king love grapefruit. — 2 years ago

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