Westbrook Brewing

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Mexican Coffee Cake Imperial Stout

Religious philosopher Martin Luther said in the 1500s that wine is made by god and beer is made by man. (As grapes ferment naturally and nothing needs to be added and beer is a recipe). -this is a Mexican chocolate cake stout. It is exactly that and perfectly balanced: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, habanero (earthy heat). The recipe is spot on. — a month ago

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Westbrook Brewing Co.

Lemon Cucumber Gose

Another stunner from Westbrook - sour & salty mediated by citrus zing and vegetal flavors. Like a Pimm’s cup in a can. — 4 years ago

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Two Claw Rye IPA

Hazy, wheat colored, dry-hopped brother to One Claw. Ripe mango, pineapple, kiwi. Sweet for a Rye IPA. — 5 years ago

Perennial Artisan Ales

Abraxas 2021

Big chocolate, cinnamon, secondary vanilla, thick, silky, light carbonation, chili pepper lingers on the finish. Such a complex and satisfying dessert beer. I’ve had most of the other notable Mexican stouts from the likes of Westbrook, Cigar City, etc, Perennial leads the category. STL! — 7 months ago

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Turd Ferguson

Turd Ferguson

I love this beer

Westbrook Brewing

Key Lime Pie Gose

Joe Carroll

Kinda more like lime soda than beer but tasty and super refreshing — 5 years ago

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Westbrook Brewing

Fisticuffs Old Ale

A year in the bottle, lots of chocolate and spice notes. Reminiscent of Mexican Cake but more of a porter-style malt forwardness — 6 years ago

Westbrook Brewing

Fifth Anniversary Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ale 2020

this is the 10th Anniversary Peanut Butter Hazelnut Marshmallow Stout — 2 years ago

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Westbrook Brewing

India Pale Ale

@Delectable Wine this is the IPA. Another winner of the Charleston IPA contest. This and Huber St had plenty of character. Thisbhadbannide combo of citrus and pime hop with interesting resin notes on the finish. Last beer of the trip at the airport Beerworks restaurant! Would buy again without a doubt. — 3 years ago

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Three D Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Vance Gregory

Sunday after the Masters wine. After Russel Westbrook #mvp wine. #drcrane — 5 years ago

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Massican Birra Bianca

That's a pura birra. Reminds me of Stelvio. — 6 years ago

Mark Freund
with Mark
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