Oliver Winery

Vignoles Creekbend 2017

Smooth, crisp and perfect for the summer. — 15 days ago

Stone Hill Winery

Reserve Ozark Mountain Vignoles 2015

Nose has dried lemon rind, beeswax, dehydrated pineapple and warmed honeycomb.

Palate has candied lemon, dried strawberry, fresh lemon peel with mild wood influence. Medium acidity, medium finish, a touch of light sweetness.

Really improving with air, might be the best Stone Hill white we've enjoyed!

This bottle is approaching its peak of enjoyment, at five years old and two years past current vintage, should hold acceptably for 2-4 years further in proper storage. A pleasant wine, solid values are easily found in Missouri wine country.
— 2 months ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

I actually got hit in the Vignoles playing football, still feeling it after all these years
Severn Goodwin

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That existing explains much.

Keuka Lake Vineyards

Gentle Dry Finger Lakes Vignoles 2017

2017. Yeah. Good chilled. — a year ago

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Keuka Spring Vineyards

Finger Lakes Vignoles 2018

Just plain delicious. Honey, tropical fruit, dried lemons. Sweet yes, but not over the top. — a month ago

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Ravines Wine Cellars

Late Harvest Vignoles 2013

I am normally not a Vignoles fan, but this is the best late harvest one I’ve had to date. Burnt caramel and dates. A tangy element too. Sweet and very tangy in the mouth. Not a ton of complexity but a ton of flavor. — 6 months ago

Rebecca Anne CasagrandeAngelo Casagrande
with Rebecca and Angelo
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Missouri Vignoles

Citrus, tropical... — 8 months ago

Hermannhof Winery

Hermann Ravat Vignoles 2016

It's a very good Missouri vignoles. Sweet and pleasant — a year ago

Les Vignoles Terroirs Et Lieu Dieu De Loire

Rosnay Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2018

Baked pears, cinnamon, a doughy, yeasty note, and a funky cheesy wet rock mineral quality. Fair amount of RS but acidity keeps it in check from being cloying. Reminds me of an apple pastry but with more acidity. Wild. — 19 days ago

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Ravines Wine Cellars

Keuka Village White Blend 2015

Nose has honey drizzled on citrus peel, (light) candle wax and white flowers.

Palate has sweet citrus, pineapple and under-ripe white peach.

I'm quite satisfied with the development of this bottle, likely can hold until 2021-22, but in a great spot tonight at four years past vintage.
— 7 months ago

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Josh Morgenthau

Josh Morgenthau

Wow, sounds delicious. Love Ravines. Do you know what varieties?

Anthony Road

Finger Lakes Vignoles

Wow. Texture, brightness stone fruit.... Pairs well with food, especially sezchuan! — a year ago