Vallet Michel Feudo Di San Maurizio

Feudo Di San Maurizio

Torrette Superiore Petit Rouge 2011

Petit Rouge, with full mouth feel. After decanting for 30 minutes, the full flavors added sour cherry, something like dried blueberry, and a sharp taste of granite. The finish was incredibly long. Val D’aoste wines are amazing! — 2 years ago

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Feudo Di San Maurizio

Valle d’Aosta Vuillermin 2013

Bright purple on the core bright red on the hue, Intense aroma of spice, bright red strawberries, red flower, minerality. Med body, med p acid, quite yummy juicy , bit of bubbles on the palate,quite smooth and easy drinking but delicate complex wine. Touch of minerality on the end. Drunk with salumiand cheese plate, ghoccheti with butter and sage gotgonzola, lamb with breadcrumbles. Yummy, remind me like fresh beaujolais. — 4 years ago

Feudo Di San Maurizio

Valle d'Aosta Mayolet 2016

Wonderful, light, clean, but flavorful. Sour cherry, pomegranates. — 3 years ago

Feudo Di San Maurizio

Saro Djablo Valle d'Aosta Red Blend

Alpine #fieldblend from #valledaoste. Peppery, brambles, juicy. — 5 years ago

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Chris DeBarr

Chris DeBarr

Tell me more about this great goat god's vino! He is looking like a serene Krampus, and I love the wicked intensity of Valle d'Aosta reds and their heirloom grapes.
Deborah Heath

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I have an enduring sweet
infatuation for the alpine wines & little known grapes of this Franco-Italian region. This one co-ferments all these grapes:
Barbera, Freisa, Ciliegiolo, Dolcetto, Gamay, Petit Rouge, Fumin, Premetta!