Pax Mahle Wines

Pax Quail Run Vineyard Valdiguié 2017

Whoah ! Green showstopper while distilling old beer into fine whiskey. Thank you @Pax Mahle and @Max Kogod — 5 days ago

John Mcgrory
with John
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Broc Cellars

Got Grapes Green Valley Valdiguié 2018

Pepper-y, cherries, raspberries, slightly funky. Glug glug 😋🍷 — 2 days ago

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Lusu Cellars

Solano County Valdiguié

Soft. Mouth full. Cherries? — 14 days ago

Folk Machine

Film & Camera Valdiguié 2018

Breathtaking (really made me gasp) ruby red hue. Pressed black cherries and strawberry red. Exceptionally pleasant aromas of blackberry jam on toast, pine, a sea breeze.

Feels like I’m in the Redwoods.

Nice medium body mouthfeel. Carries on the mid palate longer than I expected.

Cranberries. Medium tannin finish. Not super complex on the palate, but straight juice for sure.
— a month ago

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Cruse Wine Co.

Nouveau Napa Valley Valdiguié

Reading new fiction tonight from my thesis group workshop.

Magenta hues. Bouquets and bouquets of fresh roses and raspberries. Straight up fruit perfume.

Fresh pressed blackberry juice, watermelon sour patch, strawberry jolly ranchers. Fruit forward with medium tannin structure, not too sweet. Aromatic.

Nice, but a little underwhelming.

After aerating and decanting for even 30 minutes, this red got a bit more complex on me. Started to taste a spicier kick right at the end, almost like a red bell pepper. Overall structure seemed to improve. Added a tenth or two.
— 24 days ago

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Cruse Wine Co.

Rancho Chimiles Vineyard Pétillant Naturel Valdiguié 2018

Watermelon, cherry, earth, soft mousse — 20 days ago

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Jolie-Laide Wines

California Trousseau Noir Blend 2018

I occasionally have a wine with my wife that is so superior that I regret a lot of the scores I've given over l other bottles. This is such a wine. Absolutely the best domestic Jura style wine I've ever had. My only real complaint is I was capped out on my allocation. — 8 days ago

Cleo Tobbi
with Cleo

Founder's Fortune

Solano County Valdiguié 2015

Sooooo easy to drink and refreshing, which is a rare adjective I used to describe red wine!! — 6 days ago

J. Lohr

Wildflower Monterey Valdiguié 2018

This is so drinkable! Would be great for summer but tasted great as a fresh treat at the end of the day in March. — 9 days ago

Martha Stoumen

Las Jaras Bam Bam Valdiguié

Tart and fruity with the finest bubbles you ever did see. Supremely crushable while still providing some pizzaz. Drinks like a cranberry soda in the sea breeze of the Jersey shore. — 21 days ago

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