Underground Wine Project

Scholium Project

The Sylphs Guman Vineyard Chardonnay 2013

Scholium seminar with Abe Schoener at Stanley’s Wet Goods in Culver City. The Sylphs is always one of our favorites. Typically untopped in barrel for two years, the extra oxygen gives it a nice nutty profile. — 2 days ago

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The Winemaker's Project Pinot Noir 2017

Mike W

Superb pinot noir with smooth tannins.Improved after 1 hours breathing.
Had it with roast pheasant.
— 23 days ago

Kalangadoo Beerworks

The Side Project Pale Ale

Just what the doctor prescribed after a big day on the Riddoch Hwy tasting what the Coonawarra has to offer.

What better way to end the day than some local frothies in the sun updating my Delectable feed.

Cheers crew 🤙🏽🍺

FYI this pale is spot on.
— a month ago

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Voyager Estate

Chenin Blanc Project Sparkling 2017

Lovely as an aperitif. Fresh Green apples. Bubbles dissipate pretty fast but probably due to the style. — 6 days ago

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The Pinot Project

California Pinot Noir 2016

So good, especially for its price point. It is a warm herby/spicy profile. Not sweet. Perfect for most hearty, robust dishes. — 4 hours ago

Scholium Project

The Prince In His Caves Farina Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

Very structured for a sauv blanc, still nice and bright — a month ago

Scholium Project

The Courier Shake Ridge Ranch Syrah Grenache 2009

Green pepper, black olive, rubber, and blackberries. Oh, and more sediment than I’ll find in the next 25 bottles I drink combined. All in a very good way, though, you understand. — 2 days ago

Central Coast Group Project

Faces Ballard Canyon Grenache 2013

Um wow hi I want to CHOMP this wine—native yeasts insanely long maceration and no fining/filtering. This is what minimal interference should be. It’s ultra ripe but somehow refreshing. It looks light yet cloudy and the tannins are minimal—almost cerasuolo level and it is animal-ly sensuous to boot. So it’s...I dunno sex with a Viking? Perhaps. I’ve yet to have that but a girl can dream. Oh flavor: jammy but light with this wild kick of citrus peel and someone tossed a handful of four-leaf clovers in. Because if you’re drinking this you are lucky. — a month ago

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El Dorado Gamay Noir 2017

Thanks to the Arnot Roberts duo for continued focus on this project. So glad you two are dialed in with this. Sultry is the first word that came to mind upon first sniff. — 3 days ago

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