Umpqua Valley, Southern Oregon


Baco Noir 2016

Great local Boco Noir; a touch spicy with a lighter body but holds its own with a medium-rare 🥩 rib-eye steak! 🍷 — 7 days ago

Oregon Solidarity

Rogue Valley Rosé of Pinot Noir 2018

Made from the grapes California feared had smoke taint; the Oregon winemakers fight back using the grapes to make this rosé in solidarity with the growers who were stiffed. Salmon pink with a slight reddish hue, excellent clarity. Strawberry, citrus and cream flavors, moderate astringency, mineral and grapefruit aftertaste. The only smoke here is in someone’s imagination. — 18 days ago

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Pretty description. Cheers!

RoxyAnn Winery

Rogue Valley Viognier 2018

Fantastic Viognier from this Southern Oregon wine maker from the Rogue Valley. Estate grown. Peach. Tropical fruit notes. Zippy finish. Partial barrel fermentation. Extended sur lie aging. Delicious! — a month ago

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Troon Vineyard

Whole Grape Ferment Riesling

A Riesling with an attitude. Petrol is substituted for lavender and and thyme with a robust mouthfeels and ripping acidity. — a month ago

Day Wines

Queen D Applegate Valley White Blend 2016

32/23/23/22 blend of Vermentino, Marsanne, Rousanne and Grenache Blanc. Pale white, excellent clarity. Floral and stone fruit notes in nose. Lemon, lime, tangerine pith and stone fruit flavors, lime and mineral in finish, almost dry, robust level of acidity with a variety of acids - tartaric, citric, malic. Slight carbonation in the mouth - tactile-wise, not visually. Good food wine but Vermentino character makes it suitable as an aperitif. Grenache Blanc gives it a moderate skin astringency on finish along with an herbal (dill) and slight white pepper aftertaste. Overnight, a ripe black plum skin flavor emerges in the finish, accompanied by a tart, slightly chalky flavor, maybe from lees contact. Complex flavor profile; the varietal blend and proportions largely work here. Fun wine but still easy to drink despite the apparent complexity of its components. Creative but successful wine craft overall. — 3 days ago

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Umpqua Ribera Tempranillo

Great depth,smooth with a little spice. Awesome wine with shepherds pie. — 25 days ago

James Rahn

Rebecca's Vineyard Gamay Noir 2017

He of excellent Riesling, also makes excellent Gamay. Juicy but with structure to pair perfectly with a smash burger topped with Gruyere, and charred sweet corn. — 23 days ago

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Brianne Day

Papacito Petillant Naturel Lambrusco Primitivo 2016

FullQuiver Vineyard, Applegate Valley AVA, Oregon. Highly extracted pigment, brick red. Lambrusco style, fresh grape flavors of Primitivo, black currant flavor, black pepper seed tannin, crisp finish. — 20 days ago

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Troon Vineyard

Applegate Valley Vermentino

Wow! Katie and I taste a lot of Vermentino. It’s her favorite ❤️. San Felo ‘le stoppie’ (Maremma) was first wine we imported to PA. Troon 2017(Applegate Valley) is Outstanding! Mark at West End Wine (Boulder, CO) recommended. Thank You! After seeing Craig Camp again at SLOW Wine in Denver, it was a logical choice. Soft and velvety, the sapid finish urges you towards another bite, then another swirl and sip. Just the way we like it. Great price point too( under $20 on sale) 😊. #Grazie5 — 15 days ago

Jim RadulovichKatie Peluso
with Jim and Katie