The Port Of Leith Distillery

Bowmore Distillery

Aged 23 Years Port Cask Matured Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

6th and final of the night. Please. Now that the pre-flight tasting is over we start the wine ;) 2nd if the peats. It’s got smoke but I have changed over the years and started to really like that. This is really good. Drink all night? No. This is a great finish to the tasting and to be clear stuck with me for a while. — 25 days ago

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Fousquare Rum Distillery

Port Cask Finish Rum 2004

Vanilla and toasted caramel notes. Smooth and medium viscosity. You get a little of the Port finish at the end. When in St Augustine, drink what the successful pirates drink. This is not Captain Morgan's. — 4 years ago

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The Balvenie Distillery

DoubleWood Aged 12 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Not nearly so gorgeous and smooth and full of red fruit as the justly lauded 21, but still an excellent scotch on a budget, full of subtle port notes, rustic oak, and a nice lasting burn. — 6 years ago

Bodegas Barón

Port of Leith Oloroso Sherry

One of the best Sherry’s I’ve ever had. Barrel aged, rich Olo 🔥 — 2 years ago

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The Balvenie Distillery

Port Wood 21 Years Malt

Probably my favorite from The Balvenie, this port wood-finished single malt has a great sherry character along with a sweetness, hint of smoke, and just enough bite (without any warer addition) to allow it to open up on the palate and show off some great retro aromatics. Long, lingering finish. Fantastic. — 3 years ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Port Ellen Distillery

Aged 26 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1979

Sitting in a bar in Tokyo chatting up the bartender and he poured this for me (free of charge) as it was one of his rarest bottles of scotch. What a treat! Blessed! — 5 years ago

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Springbank Distillery

Longrow 11 Year Limited Edition Red Fresh Port Cask Peated Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky

One of my favourites at the moment, not a port finish, spent a full 11 years in port casks. Peat (this is a peated Springbank) and port doesn't always work, but here it works well. Quite intense peat and port flavours at 51%, excellent. — 6 years ago

High West Distillery

Midwinter Nights Dram Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys

A blend of 6 and 16 year old whiskey. Finished in port barrels and there is an unmistakable red wine nose plus some cherry/raspberry flavor in the mix. Thought provoking rye for the wine lover. Velvety smooth with minimal bite. — 3 years ago

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Bill Bender

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A friend scored it for me. I will find out.
Ron R

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I went to the same venue, @Shay A when I was 🏂 at the Sundance festival a few years back. I never saw this stuff. But High West has a cool range of products. All the better given that spirits are not my preference.
Ron R

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Bill, is that “the” friend” you talked to me about? 😚

Springbank Distillery

9 Years Old High Spirits' Collection Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1995

Burnt caramel, fruit cake, brine, vegetal perhaps, wood, malt, and a good dose of smoke. Thanks to GC for this amazing drop!

Note: High Spirits is an Italian independent bottler owned by Ferdinando (Nadi) Fiori, which specialises in single cask single malts bottled at cask strength. This bottling is part of the Loch and Castles of Scotland series (No 4 of 18), sporting some beautiful old prints of the subject-in-question on the front label. Incidentally, bottle no 4 of 326 (and 18 mags). Distilled 1995, bottled 2005. Ex-port cask. Springbank Distillery, Campbeltown.

From the whisky whiz KL's IG, although I didn't exactly get the same notes (much to learn here; KL tasted the exact same bottle): A very unique nose. Quite vegetal, capsicum, with a touch of smoke. Rather tight. Palate is sweet and syrupy, vegetal, earthy, and malty. Left to open in the glass for 10 to 15 min, and that's when the magical Springbank character appeared. Beautiful and elegant. Lots of port character.
— 4 years ago

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