Terra Alta, Catalunya


Petite White Terra Alta Chadonnay Blend 2017

Palla amb reflexes verds , poma i cítrics a la boca , acidesa compensada. Final rodó. Arròs masqueta de romesco al Llagut. — 17 days ago

Terroir al Límit

Terra de Cuques Priorat Pedro Ximénez Muscat 2016

Muscat is very noticeable on the nose, that distinctive grape aroma (how few wines actually smell and taste of grapes). On the palate, a hint of mandarin orange or if we’re being fancy orange blossom, to go with a slightly unctuous mouthfeel that I presume is the Pedro Ximinez. Slightly sweet, as you’d expect from such a blend, but with a rustic charm, not too polished. Stone fruit and a little bit of salinity to keep it interesting. Sourced in Montreal for about $55 in the summer- I’d buy it again, though it’s not in the same league as their Pedra de Guix — 15 days ago

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Terra Remota

Camino Empordà Red Blend 2011

Definition of a perfectly balanced dry yet fruity rich Catalonian wine. Will appease everyone with or without food. — a month ago

7 Magnifics

Rebels de Batea Garnatxa Blanca 2017

Not too sweet, fruity, good with seafood — 11 days ago

Alta Alella

Laietà Gran Reserva Brut Nature Chardonnay 2014

Fabulous brut nature with starters or aperitif wish we could get this stateside — 15 days ago

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Lafou El Sender Terra Alta 2015

Per 10€ bona opció — 6 days ago

Cellars Unió

Reina Elionor Terra Alta Reserva Red Blend 2014

A good match for the best pizza in the city! — 19 days ago

Laureano Serres Montagut

Mendall Mendall Finca Espartal BP Garnacha 2017

Smells like tears... then nori. Tastes like the Wild West. Tumbleweeds blowing thru the outlaw town at high noon. Then like old folk songs by the fireside at midnight. Goddamn laureano serres. Then the tail end is all manischewitz & acidity. Also smells like dog tongue and stainless steel. — 2 months ago

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