Salko & Marjan Simcic

Sivi Pinot 2017

Very mineral nose with crushed rocks and oyster shell, some white flowers too. Very dry palate with a strong acid backbone and very little fruit, a good grip, and some good flowery finish. This is well done but on the dry, mineral side. First Slovenian entry in here 🇸🇮 — 8 months ago

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Edi Simčič

Goriška Brda Triton Lex 2008

2008 Edi Simcic 'Triton Lex' from Goriska Brda in Slovenia. Equal blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Ribolla Gialla grown on clay-limestone soil. Natural farming and winemaking, growing of weeds in the vineyard, no spraying, dry farming, hands off in the winery, no adjustments, no temperature control during fermentation and little addition of sulphites before bottling. Resulting in a wine with a golden-yellow colour (from Ribolla Gialla, couple of hours skin contact and age) hinting towards delicate aromas of yellow peach, toffee, butterscotch and nuts combined with a soft, caressing mouthfeel. Not overly complex, but a joy to drink any day of the week! — 4 years ago

Edi Simčič

Goriška Brda Malvazija


Simcic Malvazija. Fun juice. Always great to taste wines of imagination! — 5 years ago

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Salko & Marjan Simcic

Selekuja Ribolla 2012

Not quite an orange wine but some evident skin contact, oily texture. Mineral-driven, little obvious fruit although some hints of dried apricot and nectarine pith, with some butterscotch and green olive. Very cool, would pair well with Mediterranean cuisine — 3 years ago

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Edi Simčič

Duet Lex Goriška Brda Merlot Blend

2007, Edi Simcic, Duet Lex, Goriska Brda, Slovenia. Merlot/Cab. Aged for 10 years in barrel before bottling. The new oak is there but not overpowering and well integrated. This is a big wine that paired well with ribeyes. — 4 years ago

Edi Simčič

Suho Rebula


Pretty serious white from Simcic. Rebula from Goriška Brda! — 5 years ago

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Salko & Marjan Simcic

Réserve Teodor Goriška Brda White Blend

Settled tropical fruit undertones ....light caramel notes, secondary flavors, toasted almonds, — 3 years ago

Salko & Marjan Simcic


Delightful minerality and something reminding me of a light clean sea breeze in the background palate ... Very ethereal — 4 years ago

Salko & Marjan Simcic

Ribolla Gialla

Nice structure, texture, depth. Impressive Ribolla. — 5 years ago

Edi Simčič

Kozana Goriška Brda Chardonnay

first tasted this with simcic. amazing length and cut, on the edge of ox, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. — 5 years ago

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