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ianghe Malvasia Moscato

@Delectable Wine Not Langhe ,but ianghe(actually pronounced iang) which is the dialectal word for bianco.
However this is going to be another favourite of mine. Quite an unusual wine for Basilicata, more on the funky natural Australian wave style😍
It reminds me of the Riesling made by Shobbrook in Eden Valley.
It's made mainly with the local malvasia and a touch of moscato
Spontaneous fermentation obviously
No skin contact during that
Malo in stainless steel tank
The wine is generous and vibrant
It starts with the fruits such as white plums, peaches and a bit of apricot and maybe mango too.
Then moves onto the flowers and to the aromatics: yellow flowers and basil(prominent)
After that we go with spices like ginger, white pepper and a touch of smokiness plus a tingling mineral decorating every step of the sensorial experience
Palate is long too
I had always believed the local malvasia in this region could have excellent potential and this is the first great example in that direction.
Plus the story of the winery transforming a family business that has always helped people with difficulties attracts me too
I had been willing to try their wine for a while and i haven't been disappointed i must say
— 2 years ago

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Marco Merlot 2015

It needs time to open up, but it is delicious
Great surprise from a merlot, I would 100% buy this again. Very enjoyable
— 5 years ago

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Beach Chenin Blanc

The kind of wine that makes you know you don't know anything. — 7 years ago

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Tom Shobbrook

Riesling 2018

My favourite Australian Riesling
He does a + and a ++ versions too, but they are all exceptionally enjoyable and unique 😍😍
I just can't get enough
— 3 years ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Not heard of this one Ceccherini. Where is it from thanks?
Ceccherini Cristiano

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He is based in the Flaxman Valley in Barossa, but sources his riesling from Eden Valley. All the wines he produces are worth trying, absolutely full of personality. And no hungover know...after the fifth bottle...😄😄🙏
Bob McDonald

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I hear where you are coming from Cec. It’s usually the 5th bottle that does the damage🤪🤪

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Novellino Red Blend 2016

Super enjoyable
Blend of nebbiolo, pinot noir, sangiovese, mourvedre and riesling
At first the neb and the pinot are giving an extremely complex nose, but it also has a more than decent length and lots of flavor
Elegant, not rough at all
— 5 years ago

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Tommy Ruff Shiraz Mourvedre Blend 2013

Excellent. Full of fruits without being too sweet. Great finish. — 7 years ago

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Grenache Rosé

More orange than rosé — 4 years ago

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Barossa & Rose Shiraz Rosé 2018

Everything they make is worth trying but this may be the best — 4 years ago

Jessica Dean
with Jessica
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Sunday by Tommy Ruff Shiraz

Oakmoss and violet. Walking through the woods after the rain. — 5 years ago

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Barossa Valley Cinsault 2016

Louis Schofield

Pure and dense at 11.1% BD fruit from the Smallfry vineyard. Didi does it again. — 7 years ago

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