Sepp Und Maria Muster

Sepp und Maria Muster

Rosé vom Opok 2016

23 June 2018. The Four Horsemen, Brooklyn, NY. — a month ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Erde Sauvignon Chardonnay

Marc Stubblefield

Sauvvy-B + Chardonnay + Skins + Amphora + Clay bottle = Yum. What's neat about this wine is how equally balanced it is across yellow fruit, orange fruit, acidity, earth, funk and texture. Really intellectual wine, and one to follow over the course of an evening. — 7 months ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Graf Sauvignon Blanc 2013

wonderfully floral, melons and apple, lengthy, a complex and most importantly delicious wine. Plus another example of savvy b benefitting greatly from skin contact ☀️ — 2 years ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Schilcher Blauer Wildbacher 2012

19 June 2018. Ops, Brooklyn, NY. — a month ago

Weingut Maria & Sepp

Muster Graf Morillon 2011

Needed to warm up a bit but once open was wonderful. Slightly cloudy unfiltered appearance, toasty orchard fruit with a bit of lemon and tarragon. Learned later that Morillon = Chard but totally different from a white burg or Cali chard or anything else really — 5 months ago

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Weingut Maria & Sepp

Sauvignon vom Opok

maybe the first SB from Austria I have ever had. the nose was like an aged Riesling, petrol and white flower. finish was less acidic since it definitely saw some neutral oak. killer bottle — a year ago

Sepp und Maria Muster

Sgaminegg Südsteiermark White Blend 2011

Dense minerals texture like GC white burg. Impressive. Sauvignon blanc dominated, but denser than silex — 5 months ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Opok White Blend 2014

Marissa A. Ross

If Sour Punch Straws came in the flavor of “Sunshine in April,” with thyme and coarse sea salt. From the bottle it tastes just like ”adult” lemonade, a term I despise but must accept when it is fact. — 8 months ago

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Sepp und Maria Muster

Muskateller vom Opok 2014

Great mid palate texture. Nutty and aromatic on the nose. Good finish. — a year ago