Santa Barbara County, Central Coast

A Tribute to Grace Wines

Santa Barbara Highlands Rosé of Grenache 2017

Exactly what I wanted on a hot, humid day. Lighter bodied, with soft white peach and wild strawberry notes, and a clean, refreshing finish. The acidity seems lower than last year’s version, which makes this more gulpable but also a touch less crisp. Our bottle was gone in a flash. — 11 days ago

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James Forsyth

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Could have done with that today 😓

Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post

Cork Dancer Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir

Raspberry and dark cherry. Very fruity. Nice mouthfeel with low tannin—goes down easy! Moderate to high acidity, not too sweet either. Good with pickled vegetables. — 2 days ago

Herman Story

Bolt Cutter Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2014

Full body. Dark fruits color. Jammy and young. — 12 days ago

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Bill Bender

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Watch yourself in creepy town Jody
Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher Bum

So how is the weather in Bakersfield?


Yessir. I really enjoyed this

Stolpman Vineyards

Para Maria de los Tecolotes Santa Barbara County Red Blend

Jesse Pender

Incredible nose that is very enticing. Great texture but the tannins could use a little more depth. — 6 days ago

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Sans Liege

The Prophetess Syrah Mourvedre

Mix of several vintages, this is a welcome surprise. — 6 days ago

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Lillian Winery

Blue Label Santa Barbara County Syrah

Great wine...Smoky on the nose with olive and leather on the palate. The finish is smooth with absolutely no rough edges. It’s in a great place right now but could go a few more years. This wine is consistently good. — 8 days ago

Paul Gaines
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Santa Barbara County Loureiro 2017

Incredibly funky green peppercorn, caperberries, green strawberries. One of the most unique wines I’ve ever had. So damn good — 6 days ago

Dirty & Rowdy

Antle Vineyard Mourvedre 2014

Not my favorite D&R, but solid nonetheless. Has some old world qualities for sure. — 3 days ago

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Santa Barbara Winery

Reserve Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay 2015

Color of saturated gold. Nose is very nice with roasts nuts, even some cocoa, honey, ripe fruits note, and oaks. Exactly like the color hints you. Taste follows similar notes, a dense silky Chardonnay, with vanilla bean and coffee bean flavors, a bit zesty, tinkling mouthfeel, loaded with roasted nuts characters, and slight hint of the sweetness from ripe fruits. Aftertaste shows some additional acidity, low mineral and low tannins. Very nicely done. — 20 days ago

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Ron R

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Sounds really nice, and gently priced.


Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2014

It tastes yellow....and not in the cowardly sense, rather bold the Spanish flag. The label only lacks a bull with balls hanging. — 3 days ago