Kurosawa Sake Brewing Co.

Nigori Sake 2019

Sweet, not too sweet, and strong enough to sip on its own before meal. We paired it with short ribs, miso gravy and mashed potatoes. MD was 5 months ago so would like to try a younger vintage. — 14 days ago

Ama no To

Heaven's Door Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

Super rich and delicious example of tokubetsu sake, loaded with gluey umami mouthfeel and waves of cucumber and melon — 9 days ago

Takara Shuzo

Shirakabe Gura Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

Smooth, paired nicely with sushi. — 8 days ago

Tentaka Shuzo

Organaka Organic Junmai Sake

Wonderful light citrus notes. At Nikko — 3 days ago

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Muralee Murugesu

Muralee Murugesu

Nice stuff!


Zen Jumai Ginjo Sake 2018

Clear water white with slightest hint of lemon; medium intensity aromas of ripe melon, melon rind, papaya, underripe strawberries, marshmallow; off dry, medium acid, medium alcohol, full body, medium intensity flavors of ripe cantaloupe, melon rind, papaya, marshmallow, sandalwood; long finish, elegant and rich — 24 days ago

Sohomare Sake Brewery Co.

"Heart and Soul" Tokubetsu Kimoto Junmai Sake

Was not the favorite of the night but a solid finish to the night — 4 days ago

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Suehiro Sake Brewery Co. Ltd

Ichigo Sake 2019

NV Strawberry sake. Did not know it exists. It is very tasteful. / at restaurant O&O Sint Willibrord — 25 days ago

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Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co.

Superior Junmai Ginjo Sake

Smooth, soft. Melon, litchi, citron, some nutty notes. 14.5% ABV. — 6 days ago


Shizuku Ginjo Sake

Out of magnum this sake was like a great Richebourg incredible stuff . — 18 days ago

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Gekkeikan Sake (USA) Inc.

Black & Gold

Delightful. Well balanced, with a heady bouquet and a dry, lingering finish. — 10 days ago