Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Feints Cuvée Zero Foxhill Vineyard Red Blend

This is afternoon BBQ juice. Rich berries on the nose, blackberries, strawberries, blue berries, pomegranate. All the berries. It sips so softly, with nice jammy notes the reinforce the nose. Also some slight tobacco and mineral earth notes. Slight cranberry tart to balance the strong fruit. Beautiful color, too. — 5 days ago

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Naomi Gibson Ranch Grenache Gris

Maybe the pettiest white wine in the glass I've seen, hauntingly pale. It's got great acid, lots of tart peach, beautiful texture -- feels like it keeps changing long after a sip. I'd lodge where this Naomi lodges, if you catch my drift. #oldtestamentjoke — a month ago

Telmo & Ruth

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot


A pleasant surprise. Good value wine. — a month ago

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Rosé Cuvée Zero Foxhill Vineyard Souzão Touriga Nacional Rosé 2019

Really awesome- standard organic rose with a lingering juicy funk to it — 8 hours ago

Nita Whelan
with Nita

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Mahlon Fox Hill Vineyard Arneis

9.5 very good acidity and nice sour zing — 2 months ago

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Zero Chilion Fox Hill Vineyard Cortese

Super clean. Really great. — 4 months ago

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Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Elimelech Cole Ranch Riesling Zero Riesling 2018

love love love
so rare that I find a dry riesling that I don't like

nose: peach and lemon, funky overripe stone fruit. just the smell brought a smile to my face, smells friendly and familiar and funky in a sexy way

tart!!!! Chick-fil-A lemonade, slightly fizzy, so sexy and dry. tastes reminiscent of nectar, like a honeysuckle. the fruitiness makes it seem sweet though it's not actually sweet, pretty dry and wonderful
— 18 days ago

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Fox Hill Vineyard Touriga Nacional Rosé

this reminds me of one thing: a sonic cherry limeade. smells like bright strawberries and cherries, tastes like an explosion of tart acidic fizzy cherry-lime with a yeasty aftertaste. im in love (not imported) — 2 months ago