Es Okay Mendocino County Pinot Gris


A bright sour lemon with a almost strawberry-vanilla smooth finish. Lingering sour. — 5 months ago


Unplayed Grenache Blanc

I'll never forget my first, lovely, supple, Grenache Blanc from Russian River. Great job Brian! I appreciate the donation to the cancer fight.
Cheers to our mothers!
— 2 years ago

Brian Cronin
with Brian
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Upper Mokelumne Watershed Rosé of Trousseau 2015

This is a perfect rose. It's got a great pithy citrus rind texture, super flavor intensity, it's fresh, and it's got enough but not too much weight. Flavors all over the place - citrus and stone fruit, date-like dried fruit richness on the finish. Great balance of fruit sweetness and acid. A gravelly finish that manages to both quench thirst and leave wanting. This is a 10 minute bottle of wine, so it gets 10 points from me. — 4 years ago


Dry Bone Ranch Rosé of Mourvèdre 2017

Phil G

In mag. Nice acid fruit balance. — 2 years ago


Cosumnes River Watershed Rosé of Mourvèdre 2016

Aroma of huckleberry and rhubarb. Sour cherry acidity and clean dry finish. — 3 years ago


St. Amant Vineyard Trousseau 2017

white pepper
strawberry on the low
thank you Chris
— a year ago

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Cosumnes River Watershed Mourvedre 2016

14 September 2017. Flatiron Wines, New York, NY. — 2 years ago

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Russian River Watershed Grenache Blanc

Stellar. Great mineralogy and acidity. Well done Mike! — 3 years ago