Riverland, Lower Murray

EV Estates Pty Ltd

Ricca Terra Farms Nero d'Avola 2018

yum!! juicy and fruity but not sweet.. balanced by nice acid and funk. label just says THE RIVER in purple seems like the importers put a totally new label on it — a day ago

Unico Zelo

Fresh A.F. Nero d'Avola 2019

The bottle describes this wine this way: “putting your feet up” And that’s exactly what it is. It strikes a brilliant balance of Welches juicy grape juice with actual thoughtful wine. Perfect for glugging and relaxing. — 3 months ago

Parviz Ghavamian
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Unico Zelo

Halcyon Days Barmera Nero d'Avola

dark fruit, blueberry, honey. dry earth and a little mineraly at the end. — 5 months ago

Delinquente Wine Co.

III Mare Infernum Delinquente's Hill Riverland Nero d'Avola

Light bodied, slightly effervescent, and quite acidic. Surprisingly lemony. Lots of raisin. Maybe some rooibos? This is a good time. Had it with Naples style pizza. — 3 days ago

Delinquente Wine Co.

Screaming Betty Riverland Vermentino 2020

Almost transparent in colour. Hibiscus, dandelion greens on the nose. Salt, chalk, Korean melon, lingers. Super easy drinking. — 4 months ago

Unico Zelo

River Sand Fiano

Honey, easy drinking, would smash again — 5 months ago

Delinquente Wine Co.

Tuff Nutt Riverland Bianco d'Alessano

Dry and earthy af. Salty tropical fizzy party in my mouth. — 6 months ago

Delinquente Wine Co.

Weeping Juan Petillant Naturel Rosé Blend

Very gentle, smooth, lightly effervescent. Berries and rose — a month ago

Unico Zelo

Esoterico Adelaide Hills + Riverland White Blend

Honeysuckle juicy blast, key lime zest so fresh and a little funk. Yes — 2 months ago

Delinquente Wine Co.

The Bullet Dodger Montepulciano 2020

A bit of purple mixed in with a lot of red. Red cherries, autumn leaves, and allspice on the nose. Ripe, shiitake mushrooms,dried figs, lingonberry. Medium finish, low acid and tannins with a bit of tobacco at the end. Really different expression of the grape, lighter than an old world montepulciano, and gives it an aspect of drinkability. — 5 months ago