Emmanuel Brochet

Ratafia De Champagne

Complexity, refinement and terrific acidity, tangerine marmalade, wildflower honey, apple cider, intense and beautifully textured finish. — 2 months ago

René Geoffroy

Ratafia de Champagne

Dried white stone fruit, white plums and white cherries, and medicinal herbs. Subtle. Complex. Terrific dessert wine. — 8 months ago

Guy Charlemagne

Ratafia De Champagne

Like port and champagne had a baby — a year ago

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John Zuzek

John Zuzek

Okay, I’m intrigued.

Boll & Cie

Ratafia de Champagne Reims Chardonnay 1996

Blanched almonds and caramelized sugar — 8 months ago

Pierre Jourdan

Ratafia Chardonnay

16.5/20 (89/100) Вино с ароматами яблок, карамели, тоном сивушных масел. Сладкое с умеренной кислотностью и заметной спиртуозностью (18%). Интересная диковинка. #capewine2018 — 6 months ago


Extra Dry Rosé Champagne Blend

1 May 2018

Dry rosé, not imported to the US. Very fun.

Photos of their cellar holding close to 60,000 bottles, intimate. The barrels next to the moldy walls hold their Ratafia de Champagne, amazing stuff...One bottle will be coming back stateside with us.
— a year ago

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Clément Perseval

Ratafia de Champagne Gourmandise

#Gourmandise Ratafia is not my thing usually but this was just right. Not too strong, roasted nuts and some darker honey notes, but not heavy. #champagnebytheglasspairing — 2 years ago

J. Dumangin Fils

Ratafia de Champagne

What a lovely discovery. — 3 months ago

Henri Giraud

Solera Ratafia Champenois Pinot Noir Chardonnay

17/20 (92/100) Приятный, многослойный аромат безо всяких тонов спиртуозности или сивушных масел: курага, изюм, грецкий орех, яблочное варенье, ваниль, морёный дуб. Сладкое, но свежее с хорошим уровнем кислотности. Отличный баланс! — 4 months ago

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Château de Pommard

Ratafia de Bourgogne Pinot Noir

A fascinating combination of fresh grape juice blended with very old Marc de Bourgogne that was then aged in the bottle for a couple more years. This was a wonderful Christmas aperitif that drank very much like a vermouth but without the additional spices. A single ice cube opened it up like a fine whiskey showing off Christmas baking spice and juicy black fruit notes along with just a touch of the rich, nutty oak from the aged brandy. This was wonderful and I wish anything like this was easier to find here in the states. — a year ago

Jeffrey Schamis
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