Prieto Picudo

Bodegas Margón

Pricum Paraje De El Santo Prieto Picudo 2007

Good food wine, just a bit past its prime. — 2 months ago

Bonnie Hodur
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Raul Pérez

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León Prieto Picudo 2011

Jeremy Noye

Bold and taunt. Big rips of acidity that gets meaty and olive in finish. Good balance and length. — 6 months ago

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Los Angeles River Wine Company

Lone Wolf Bob Munoa Ranch MISSION (LISTÁN PRIETO) 2019

A special and rare wine. Burgundian mission. — 6 months ago

Ellen Christen
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Viñas Viejas de Burgohondo Cebreros Sierra de Gredos Garnacha Tempranillo

Impressive first vintage of Jirón de Niebla by Rico Nuevo, a new exciting project in Gredos by Juan Andrés Martín and winemaker Julio Prieto of Viña Zorzal. 100% Garnacha from the cool north-facing site El Sotillo, in the village of Burgohondo (Cebreros appellation). Quite aromatic. Beautiful red fruit, floral notes and Mediterranean herbs. Fresh, mineral, great acidity. — 2 months ago

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Bodegas Prieto Pariente

Confines Garnacha

Despues de un rato 9.0 — 8 months ago

Prieto Pariente

Castilla y León Viognier 2017

Una uva no muy común en España. Bien elaborado, denso y aromático. — 9 months ago

Vega Norte

Ensamble X Listàn Prieto & Vijariego Negro Blend 2017

Una buena elaboración de estas dos variedades. Una bodega que nos está ofreciendo vinos únicos. — 2 months ago

Vega Norte

Listàn Prieto 2018

Fruity. Very easy on the throat. Not a particular aftertaste. It's smooth. — 3 months ago

Cecilia Lindh
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Emilio Ramirez Envinate

Benje Tenerife Tinto 2017

Listan Prieto, aka Mission aka Criolla chica aka Pais. The Benje Tinto from Envinante sourced from the DO Ycoden Daute Isora on Tenerife. Opens up very reductive, so be patient with it. Tart red fruit, very savoury and salty, like licking a stone, peppery. Like a northern Rhône but in the lack of flesh. Now call me conservative, but this above my threshold. However, very playful and fun, complex as well with a decent lenght and playful. — 7 months ago