Prieto Picudo


Sumiller León Prieto Picudo

Spannish full complex body and nice after taste with purple grapeshine. — a month ago

Los Angeles River Wine Company

Lone Wolf Bob Munoa Ranch MISSION (LISTÁN PRIETO) 2020

Joe Carroll

Made from a very old vineyard in Temecula that hadn’t been pruned or cared for in over sixty years. — 7 months ago

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Bodegas Prieto Pariente

Sierra de Gredos Cebreros Garnacha

Elegant with spine, fresh red berries, bit of leather, minerals. Surpricingly Nice. Goes well open one day but best fresh at one sutting. — 9 months ago

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Amador County Mission 2018

Alder Yarrow

A gift from the past becomes magic of the present, in the hands of @ownrooted. This is a pitch-perfect interpretation of Pais / Listan Prieto, the grape brought north from Mexico by Franciscan friars and planted so religiously (had to do it) at the outposts they established that it simply became known as the Mission grape. At its best, and make no mistake, this bottle is among that company, it offers bright strawberry and sour cherry fruit married to dried floral and herbal notes and shot through with electric minerality. Unbelievably refreshing and delicious. These bottle are crazy scarce, I think my annual allocation as a long time mailing list member is merely one (1), but if you can get your hands on one, it will be worth it. — 5 months ago

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Bodegas de los Rios Prieto

Prios Maximus Roble Ribera del Duero

Pippuripihvin seurana, hyvä täyteläinen ja tanniininen viini — 3 months ago

Raul Pérez

Los Arrotos del Pendón Prieto Picudo Rosado

Not sweet but had fruity aroma. Cranberry. Between dry and Demi sec. Smooth. Great balance between red and white. — 6 months ago

Pedro González Mittelbrunn

Castilla y León Prieto Picudo

the kind of depth i like in a red. zesty blackberry- like a cobbler but cool. — 9 months ago

Finca La Estacada

Hello World! Castilla-La Mancha Prieto Picudo

Happy New Year!!!! I love the owl with diamond eyes. Uncommon Pallette you have done it again. Cab Francs aren't easy to find but I do enjoy them. — a year ago