Polly's Brew Co.

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Vanessa Atalanta Tipa

Master your beard — 6 months ago

Cloudwater Brew Co.

West Coast IPA

A hark back to bitter days — 8 months ago

Baja Brewing Co.

Cerveza Artesanal

Baja brewing’s “Burro Winter” seasonal brew is an exceptional coffee imperial stout. Strong espresso bean notes, it’s like drinking a chocolate covered espresso bean. — a year ago

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Cake & Cake Imperial Stout

Luscious and promiscuous — 5 months ago

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Bold & Punchy DDH Pale Ale

Secrete this on your person — 6 months ago

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale

Todays lunch and brew. Belgium style wheat ale, cloudy, white head that dissipates quickly, brewed with coriander and orange peel.

The plumper hot dogs are made by Fred Usinger Sausage Co. Milwaukee, Wi. Absolutely the finest that can be found.

Blue Moon Brewing, Golden Co. 5.4% abv.
— a year ago

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Sharon B

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A favorite beer of mine! Enjoy!


Fabulous lunch! I also like Blue Moon - perfect warm weather beer!🍻🌭


Looks like a great pairing - yum !

Northern Monk Brew Co.

Hop City DDH Double IPA

Order this on your Bill of Materials, COC only please — a year ago

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