Stiggin's Fancy Pineapple Rum 1824

Excellent daiquiris. — a month ago


Library Vineyard Petite Syrah 2016

One of of my favorite vineyards in CA and a gem in Turley’s portfolio. Spanning 1890s to 1900s plantation of some very unique varietals, this always has a signature to it that I don’t always find in field blends. Rich in body while always maintaining beautiful texture and liveliness. Aromatics are always unique and compelling in their own right. I used to think this would be best at 10-15 year mark but the more I try it I think this site drinks its best at the 3-5 year mark from vintage. — 5 months ago

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Overproof Artisanal Rum O.F.T.D.

Oh Fuck That’s Delicious. Designed for Tiki drinks 🍹 — a year ago

Alex Bacon
with Alex
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The Pinotage

Among the best Pinotages I’ve had. You can taste coffee essence and wine was grown on ex coffee plantation. Exquisite and well balanced yet appropriately peppery — 3 years ago

Alice et Olivier De Moor

Plantation 1902 Bourgogne Aligoté 2011

For a grape varietal not known for aging this bottle taught me once again what happens when you assume. On the nose a nice ocean breeze with a hint of apple . It was the palate that had me talking to myself. A complex mixture of mint , salt and peach. The star of the show however is this wines acid spine which gave it wonderful cut and freshness. — 4 months ago

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Martin Bergo

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That is very cool @Ira Schwartz!
Severn Goodwin

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Nice. I have some Chanzy aligoté slumbering, more experiment than anything, now you give me hope.


Xaymaca Special Dry Pot Still Rum

💯 potstill. Dry, dry, dry. — a year ago

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20th Anniversary Barbados Rum

Smooth, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon - very drinkable — 2 years ago

Ingleside Plantation

Virginia Sangiovese 2016

Cherry, raspberry, currant, dusty leather, cranberry and oak. Light-bodied and soft tannins. — 5 months ago


XO 20th Anniversary Barbados Rum

Intense aromatics of Caramel, vanilla, coconut and banana (almost like the sugarcane is picking up other plants in the vicinity!). Very very mellow on the palate and dangerously drinkable. A bottle of this between friends could disappear very quickly. Under no circumstances put anything but a block of ice or a little water with the rum. Coca Cola is a hanging offence with a rum as smooth and flavoursome as this. Purchased this in Europe in 2018 and now trying to track down a bottle in Australia. — 9 months ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Byron Hewett Thanks for the info Byron. I am in Toowoomba. I will get onto it. Have dealt with Nicks before.
Byron Hewett

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I used to live in Wahroonga a long time ago.
Bob McDonald

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@Byron Hewett A beautiful suburb on the “leafy North Shore” as they say.