Península De Setúbal, Portugal

Quinta de Alcube


Alcube in Portugal is one of my favorite wines! Their Rośe is great and fresh! Perfect for a summer night outside. — 6 days ago


Private Selection Sémillon 2015

Nose: apricots, peaches, sweet almonds
Taste: apricot, honey dew melon, something grassy, like it's (partially) underripened grapes
Mild acidity, very little residual sugar. Altogether lovely
— 11 days ago

Encosta da Quinta

Flui Vinho Branco

Christopher Losa

bright and bouncy. all over the place (in a good way) lemon meringue, thyme, artichoke, stony, salty. — 9 days ago

José Maria da Fonseca

Moscatel de Setúbal

5 años en barrica, suave y dulce — 10 days ago


Vintage Port Blend 1977

This is alive but it’s a person you’re not sure you want to spend time with. The color is alive. Smoked paprika, char-cooked cherries, garringue, sweet spicy peppers. Not disappointed. The fun of auction. — 6 days ago

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W. & J. Graham's

Vintage Port Blend 2007

Now & Forever

07 Port Vintage has high expectations. Time to check in on my first Graham’s 375ml

Served with the Vinloq System
👃Purple fruits. Hint of raisining
👅Sweet ripe plums & blackberries. Perfumed almonds, chocolate, vanilla, & 5 spice. Silky & creamy texture. Mod sweetness for a V.P. Finishes with eucalyptus. No heat

Remaining wine Slow Decanted in my fridge with Vinloq

Just as incredible as DAY1

Complex. Beautiful. Balanced

So drinkable now. About as good as 14 yr old vintage port can taste. Every component in balance. Gentle tannins but nice grip and proper acidity. Fantastic over 3 weeks. Looking forward to tracking my remaining bottles of this over time 👍

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— 8 days ago

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Finest Vintage Port 1948

Tasted blind. Tawny color, translucent. Port nose. Notes of plum, spiced candy, cherries and some earth. Strong alcohol in the mouth. Guessed 45 Grahams Porto. — 13 days ago

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Doug Powers

Doug Powers

Wow @Mike Saviage, GREAT pull!Cheers!


Vinho Verde White Blend 2021

Fruit-forward, nice acid, floral notes, delish — a day ago