Oaxaca, Mexico

Del Maguey

Wild Jabali Single Village Mezcal

Nice. Expressive with florals and a nice sweetness Lot 182. — a day ago

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Dos Búhos

San Miguel de Allende Rosado 2016

When in Mexico, drink surprisingly good Mexican wine. This one was on point refreshment in the humidity of Yucatán — 2 months ago

Ashley Grech
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San Luis Potosi Red Blend 2018

Great wine for seafood and ceviche - less about smells but rich with tastes, a little mineral - reminds me some French and Italian vines - not as easy going but may go as a just alone wine — 15 days ago

Cruz de Fuego

Mezcal Espadin-Tobala Agave

Espadin, handmade labels. Nice middle of the road mezcal. — 7 days ago


La Santa Bichi Como Vino al Mundo Tecate Red Blend 2017

Going full hipster here with my first Mexican wine. Beautiful candied strawberry color with sweet cranberries and a hint of game on the back-end. And not sure how wine always seems pair well with its local tastes, but this proved true once again. — 15 days ago

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Rey Campero

Artesanal Mexicano Joven Mezcal

Espadin! This is completely owned by Rey Campero. So amazing, and pay great wages to their staff and family. — 7 days ago


Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2017

Tasty Bdx blend, fresh med bodied - Mexico — 19 days ago

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Quentin Cafe

La Romita Oaxaca Marcela Esperon Malty

Coffee — Quentin Cafe, La Romita, CDMX

Region: Oaxaca

Name: Marcela Esperon

Malty, fresh rainforest berries, overall fruit forward bouquet.

Burnt citrus peel up front, forest fire mid palate, pine, nice balanced tart sorbet finish.

Expertly brewed. Little high on the acid for me.

Still beautiful.
— 23 days ago

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Ron R

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You in Mexico City???
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@Ron R Yes! Just got back today, though. What a beautiful city.

Gracias a Dios

Tobala Joven Mezcal

It’s the perfect punctuation to your meal. — 25 days ago

Jim Nelson
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Verde Momento

FLamingo green

Awesome for cocktails, Verde momento is owned by Amaras. — 7 days ago