Murray Street Vineyards

Andrew Murray

Roasted Slope Vineyard Syrah 2014

To quote Miles: “Andrew Murray. Well okay.” Been a while since I’ve had one of Andrew’s wines, but I recall purchasing this at a Harvest Party a few years ago. Probably on the downslope just a bit, but this is still terrific. I always view the Roasted Slope as his homage to Guigal in my view, and it is a terrific wine. — 11 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Stephen Redenbaugh

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I fear we all have more than a “touch” of Miles in us...he’s my hero!

Delinquente Wine Co.

Screaming Betty Riverland Vermentino 2020

Almost transparent in colour. Hibiscus, dandelion greens on the nose. Salt, chalk, Korean melon, lingers. Super easy drinking. — a month ago


Alto Adige Pinot Grigio


From Wall Street Journal Wine Club - LLZ, BSZ & SNZ all liked it (vintage 1878) on Saturday night, 11/21/2020. — 7 days ago


Paper Street Zinfandel 2018

Paper Street Zin. I am the first to rate! Its Turley. Just above all the rest. — 4 days ago

Thirsty Street Brewing Co.

Downtown 2020

Excellent sour. Tasted like some of the sours I’ve had from new Belgium. Very classic foudre type beer with a bit of plums. This is really well balanced between sour, fruit, and funk. Highly recommend if you find yourself in Montana. — 8 days ago

Compass Box

Great King Street Blended Scotch 86 Proof Whisky Malt

Light golden color reminiscent of apple juice. Warm apples, baked pineapple, grilled lemon, walnut brioche, pine nut, hazelnut, and Bosc pear and vanilla cooking aromas. There is light Spanish cedar trailing. NorCal wildflower honey meets pine nettle and orange peel on the palate. Cedar plank, green peppercorn, currant leaf, lemon zest, grapefruit oils, and flash of cinnamon oil paints a pleasantly complex narrative of autumn comforts and campfire smokes with brittle caramel bits and bee pollen place it squarely in the meadow. Packs a surprise for those who underestimate it based on pale color. No caramel color here, and no dark shadows. Bright, lively, alive. #compassboxgreatkingstreet #compassbox #compassboxwhisky #scotch #blendedscotch #edinburgh #scotchwhisky #whisky #whiskey #artistsblend #johnglaser #nonchillfiltered — a month ago

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Andrew Murray

Tous les Jours Santa Ynez Valley Syrah 2017

John Howard

Always so good and such a great value — 3 days ago

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Unico Zelo

Esoterico Adelaide Hills + Riverland White Blend 2019

Sweet and sour, honey nose, pineapple, acidic but balanced. — 8 days ago

Delinquente Wine Co.

Weeping Juan Petillant Naturel Rosé Blend

quick sipper, sour candy and rhubarb on the nose, little funk, not dry, juicy, bright, would love to drink again. — a month ago


Etna Rosso DOC Nerello Mascalese 2018

light, bright and delicious! buy again from main street wines in orleans. — 18 days ago